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Get access to an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration, created by experts in digital media and selected by hand!

Covering the entire range of digital media skills

Tuto.com provides a large catalog of video courses that will help you to get digital skills. Graphics, programming, 3D, photography, editing, web development, video, VFX, business, design, web marketing ... You choose what you want to learn among thousands of videos and software.

A natural selection

We pay a great deal of attention to the quality of the content that we offer. Each lesson is selected naturally (or at least, by hand!) And if nothing else, you can’t say that we’re not fussy!

Passionate instructors

You will learn from artists, publishers, training providers, independent trainers, teachers or talented self-taught experts. All our trainers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and their production secrets.

Always Up to date

We add new lessons every single day, with almost 200 new lessons being published each month, which means we’re always up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends!

Social Learning !

Tuto.com offers a genuine collaborative, social learning space that allows you a greater degree of independence, as well as taking your learning experience much further than a simple video lesson.

Collaborative Learning

You can now discuss freely with our other customers, share resources and receive personalized assistance from our trainers. After all, everyone learns more in a group!

Certified Skills

Test your skills by answering a QCM, and attempt to get a “Certified Skills by Tuto.com” badge by achieving a 100% score. Give your new skills the recognition that they deserve! We also provide certificate of completion for each course you follow.

Online video Player

Easily search and view each lesson and follow your progress live, directly from your learning workspace.


Software, purchases, and community discussions: at any time, you can customize your news feed and manage your preferences so that you only see the essential information

Freedom & mobility

On your couch, at school or on the train; in the office or the subway; sprawled out and relaxing or respectably seated at a table; working online in connected mode, or downloaded in advance: your lessons follow you wherever you go and adapt to the platform you’re using (desktop, laptop, smartphone and even a native iPad application) and even the position of your body.

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Enjoy learning with our dedicaded apps : desktop app, mobile app or tablet app !

Affiliate program

Tuto.com allows you to monetize your audience, and our monetization program is even more effective because your website or blog discusses the same geek topics as ours. Broadly speaking, you’ll receive $1 for each user account created and a 30% commission from all purchases made on tuto.com by your affiliates. Nikon Passion, Webdesign blog, Orange, Fotolia and 243 other affiliates have already signed up to our affiliate program – so why not join them?

Join the affiliate program


You can earn up to ten credits by referring new members. Our referral system enables you to earn five credits when members you refer buy their first credit packs on Tuto.com and/or five credits when they publish their first lessons.

Our values

These values are based around a set of moral and ethical obligations that we learned from our respective moms and from which we never deviate!


We do all we can to avoid superlatives and marketing-specific phrases in all their forms, out of respect for everyone.


We make a point of saying “good morning” – just like “thank you,” “have a nice day” and “goodbye.” We’re absolute masters of politeness!

Attention to detail

For the sake of your data. We also decline to sell or share your personal data. In short, we treat your personal data with the same care as our own.

Openness to discussion

If you’d like to help improve tuto.com or suggest a course idea for publication, we’re here for you and ready to listen.

Responsiveness to your needs

We always find a solution to your problems, in any scenario and even in an emergency.


In short, all we are trying to do is our job – and frankly, we don’t think we’re doing badly!