What is coding and development?

Coding is at the heart of all information technology. Coding and programming allow instructions to be executed, variables to be taken into account, and data to be transmitted by sensors or captured using peripherals such as the keyboard as the first input device, followed by mice and later, optical readers. There are many programming languages, offering a variety of different options, underpinned by a variety of highly diverse logical approaches. There has been massive progress since IBM’s punch cards or the Turing machine, but the range of possibilities continues to expand apace.

Learning to code

Programming can be object oriented, imperative, reactive, or structured: there are many different areas, and just as many coding paradigms. Learning to code is first and foremost about understanding the logic that underpins a language, adapting to it, using it to transcribe data, and achieving the desired outcome. A single paradigm can be translated into a number of different languages, each of which has its own unique characteristics as well as common traits that it shares with all other languages. Accordingly, there is a vast range of different applications, these differences must be taken into account when selecting which type of language to use. Once you’ve taken your first steps, discovering and using more complex functions allows you to create ever-more challenging and powerful programs that allow you to record part of reality and to transform it in a more precise and profound way. Other important aspects of coding to be considered include your understanding of the tools, ways of testing and correcting your code, and selecting solutions to enable distribution of your programs.

Development / programming tutorial

On, we offer coding and programming tutorials that cover the major software packages on the market. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert coder, you’ll find tutorials designed to suit every level. Created by passionate coding trainers, you’ll develop at your own pace and will be able to ask them any questions in the mutual support forum. Finally, you should be aware that free coding tutorials are available, allowing you to train without spending a single red cent.

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