The Complete Guide to Node.js
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VIDEO TUTORIAL The Complete Guide to Node.js

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Learn everything you need to about Node.js

About this Node.JS video training

  • Understand how modules work in Node.js
  • Learn asynchronous programming
  • Learn Node.js paradigms

Course in detail

We will be covering how to use Node.js to build websites. This course will focus primarily on Express as the framework that the website will be built in. In addition to Express, we will cover using Redis and to make more robust and dynamic sites. Many courses only focus on one of these, but this course will cover all of them.

By the end of this course the reader will be able to build applications using Express, Redis, and

  • Express helps by making full featured web applications easy, if you know how.
  • Redis opens doors by making data quick and easy to fetch. Many sites have used Redis to make difficult data problems easy. Lastly
  • makes two way communication between the browser and web application easy. If you have every needed to build something that was real-time than is what you want to use.

What will you learn in this course?

Course plan
Chapter 1
Using Node.js and npm
Chapter 2
Using the Node.js Module System
Chapter 3
Useful Node.js Paradigms
Chapter 4
Node.js Events
Chapter 5
Node.js Streams
Chapter 6
Node.js HTTP Server
Chapter 7
Node.js and Express

Detailed course plan

Chapter 1 : Using Node.js and npm
Lesson 1The Course Overview
Lesson 2Installing Node.js
Lesson 3Node.js REPL
Lesson 4Node.js is JavaScript
Lesson 5Installing a Package with npm
Chapter 2 : Using the Node.js Module System
Lesson 1Require()
Lesson 2Module Exports
Lesson 3Package.json Walkthrough
Lesson 4Using package.json to Manage Dependencies
Lesson 5Using npm run
Lesson 6Creating Our Own Package
Chapter 3 : Useful Node.js Paradigms
Lesson 1Node.js is Asynchronous
Lesson 2The Event Loop
Lesson 3Callback Pattern
Lesson 4Promises Instead of Callbacks
Lesson 5Error Handling
Chapter 4 : Node.js Events
Lesson 1Event Emitters
Lesson 2Adding and Removing Events
Lesson 3Creating Our Own Event Emitter
Chapter 5 : Node.js Streams
Lesson 1Everything is a Stream
Lesson 2Readable Streams
Lesson 3Writable Streams
Lesson 4Network Streams
Lesson 5Piping Streams
Chapter 6 : Node.js HTTP Server
Lesson 1The Node.js HTTP Server
Lesson 2Making Client Requests
Lesson 3Handling Requests
Lesson 4Handling Responses
Chapter 7 : Node.js and Express
Lesson 1Installing Express
Lesson 2Routing Basics
Lesson 3Middleware Basics
Lesson 4Handling Errors
Lesson 5Debugging in Express
Lesson 6Templating in Express
Chapter 8 : Passport in Express
Lesson 1Creating a Protected Page
Lesson 2Creating a Login Page
Lesson 3Passport and Authentication
Lesson 4Where to Go from Here

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