Learning Hadoop 2
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VIDEO TUTORIAL Learning Hadoop 2

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An introduction to storing, structuring, and analyzing data at scale with Hadoop

About this Hadoop 2 Video Course

  • Explore Hadoop and its ecosystem of core components, and set up an instance
  • Import, organize, and query data with HDFS, Flume, Sqoop, and Hive
  • Learn Pig, a simplified scripting language for Hadoop, to manipulate your data

Hadoop 2 course In Detail

Hadoop emerged in response to the proliferation of masses and masses of data collected by organizations, offering a strong solution to store, process, and analyze what has commonly become known as Big Data. It comprises a comprehensive stack of components designed to enable these tasks on a distributed scale, across multiple servers and thousands of machines.

Learning Hadoop 2 introduces you to the powerful system synonymous with Big Data, demonstrating how to create an instance and leverage Hadoop ecosystem's many components to store, process, manage, and query massive data sets with confidence.

We open this course by providing an overview of the Hadoop component ecosystem, including HDFS, Sqoop, Flume, YARN, MapReduce, Pig, and Hive, before installing and configuring our Hadoop environment. We take a look at Hue, the graphical user interface of Hadoop.
We will then discover HDFS, Hadoop’s file-system used to store data. We will learn how to import and export data, both manually and automatically. Afterward, we turn our attention toward running computations using MapReduce, and get to grips working with Hadoop’s scripting language, Pig. Lastly, we will siphon data from HDFS into Hive, and demonstrate how it can be used to structure and query data sets.

What will you learn in this course?

Course plan
Chapter 1
The Hadoop Ecosystem
Chapter 2
Installing and Configuring Hadoop
Chapter 3
Data Import and Export
Chapter 4
Using MapReduce and Pig
Chapter 5
Using Hive

Detailed course plan

Chapter 1 : The Hadoop Ecosystem
Lesson 1The Course Overview
Lesson 2Overview of HDFS and YARN
Lesson 3Overview of Sqoop and Flume
Lesson 4Overview of MapReduce
Lesson 5Overview of Pig
Lesson 6Overview of Hive
Chapter 2 : Installing and Configuring Hadoop
Lesson 1Downloading and Installing Hadoop
Lesson 2Exploring Hue
Chapter 3 : Data Import and Export
Lesson 1Manual Import
Lesson 2Importing from Databases Using Sqoop
Lesson 3Using Flume to Import Streaming Data
Chapter 4 : Using MapReduce and Pig
Lesson 1Coding "Word Count" in MapReduce
Lesson 2Coding "Word Count" in Pig
Lesson 3Performing Common ETL Functions in Pig
Lesson 4Using User-defined Functions in Pig
Chapter 5 : Using Hive
Lesson 1Importing Data from HDFS into Hive
Lesson 2Importing Data Directly from a Database
Lesson 3Performing Basic Queries in Hive
Lesson 4Putting It All Together

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