Video Tutorial Python Machine Learning Projects with Python, Data Science


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Python Machine Learning Projects

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Get up-and-running via Machine Learning with Python's insightful projects

About This Python Machine Learning Projects Video course

  • Explore the power of Python and create your own machine learning models with this project-based tutorial
  • Get superb insights from your data in different scenarios and deploy machine learning models with ease
  • Learn how to put complex machine learning concepts into practice

Python Machine Learning Projects In Detail

Machine learning gives you unimaginably powerful insights into data. Today, implementations of machine learning have been adopted throughout Industry and its concepts are numerous. This video course is a unique blend of projects that teach you what Machine Learning is all about and how you can implement machine learning concepts in practice.

Six different independent projects will help you master machine learning in Python.

The video will cover concepts such as classification, regression, clustering, and more, all the while working with different kinds of databases. By the end of the course, you will have learned to apply various machine learning algorithms and will have mastered Python's packages and libraries to facilitate computation. You will be able to implement your own machine learning models after taking this course.

Python, Data Science training table of contents (duration : 2h56m)

  • Build an App to Find Cheap Airfares
    • The Course Overview free 00:02:38
    • Sourcing Airfare Pricing Data 00:03:45
    • Retrieving the Fare Data with Advanced Web Scraping Techniques 00:05:06
    • Parsing the DOM to Extract Pricing Data 00:16:18
    • Sending Real-Time Alerts Using IFTTT 00:03:42
    • Putting It All Together 00:03:17
  • Forecast the IPO Market Using Logistic Regression
    • The IPO Market 00:12:59
    • Feature Engineering 00:08:18
    • Binary Classification 00:06:08
    • Feature Importance 00:04:54
  • Create a Custom Newsfeed
    • Creating a Supervised Training Set with the Pocket App 00:09:11
    • Using the embed.ly API to Download Story Bodies 00:03:09
    • Natural Language Processing Basics 00:07:23
    • Support Vector Machines 00:03:40
    • IFTTT Integration with Feeds, Google Sheets, and E-mail 00:08:10
    • Setting Up Your Daily Personal Newsletter 00:04:23
  • Forecasting the Stock Market with Machine Learning
    • What Does Research Tell Us about the Stock Market? 00:05:37
    • Developing a Trading Strategy 00:12:01
    • Building a Model and Evaluating Its Performance 00:06:59
    • Modeling with Dynamic Time Warping 00:05:35
  • Build an Image Similarity Engine
    • Machine Learning on Images 00:04:49
    • Working with Images 00:04:16
    • Finding Similar Images 00:07:37
    • Building an Image Similarity Engine 00:09:54
  • Building a Chatbot
    • The Design of Chatbots free 00:06:38
    • Building a Chatbot 00:10:02

Instructor : Packt

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