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At Tuto.com, we provide you with support to help you relax as you learn skills in the world of online media. Whether you're a beginner or have experience you want to build on, you can find all the resources needed to tailor your learning, available across all platforms and at any location.

Lovingly selected!

All our classes are selected by hand, with love and care. In other words, you could say that we're fussy. This attention to detail ensures that you can access high quality content, both in relation to the technical aspects (audio and video recording) and the educational content (in terms of subject knowledge or familiarity with the software being taught, clarity and relevance of the content, and a structured learning process). Artists, editors, training centers, independent training providers, teachers and talented self-taught experts: all our trainers share our love for a job well done and care deeply about sharing their knowledge and their production secrets with you.

Collaborative and social

Tuto.com also offers a genuinely collaborative and social learning environment, which now allows you to join live discussions and share resources with hundreds of thousands of learners, as well as benefiting from personal help and assistance from our trainers. Everything is put in place to let you learn independently, enhance your acquisition of skills and extend your learnings. It seems that people learn better, and quicker, in groups!

Sources of knowledge and inspiration

At present, Tuto.com offers one of the largest catalog of classes for digital media skills. From graphic design to print media, programming, 3D, photography, photo editing, web development, video, VFX, music software, office software, design, and online marketing: you choose whatever you want to learn from a range of 27,007 available classes, learning on line, or by downloading the lessons to view offline, covering over 300 software packages. The catalog continues to grow, with more than 20 full courses published each month, representing an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration to keep up to date with new practices and the latest trends.

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