Concept Art photorealistic for a AAA video game with Photoshop
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VIDEO TUTORIAL Concept Art photorealistic for a AAA video game with Photoshop

Florian De Gesincourt
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This 4h 26m Photoshop tutorial will show you the process for creating a photorealistic concept art piece, all the way from brief to reference board, 3 photobashed sketches, and then the making of the final piece in real time.

This exercise is based on a real concept art test created for Ubisoft to secure a role as a concept artist on the next Ubisoft AAA video game : Tom Clancy, The Division.

After watching this tutorial, you will have learned how to create a unique concept art with storytelling, emotions that will answer the brief given by the Art Director.

Florian de Gesincourt is an experienced freelance concept artist travelling around the globe to work for many studios.

Details of this video tutorial: Concept Art, Photoshop

The first 45 minutes of the video explain the brief, how to create a mood board full of photo references, and the making of 3 photobashed sketches (video at double speed). You will understand the basics of working as a concept artist in a video game studio, the concept artist’s relationship with the art director and development team, and the rapid creation of 3 idea sketches using photomontage and painting techniques.

The next 3.5 hours will demonstrate the creation of the final image (in real time) from the selected sketch, while also explaining photomontage techniques, painting, color, perspective, and composition in more detail. You will understand how various reference images can be used effectively in concept art through photo integration and paintovers. All of these techniques are explained throughout the tutorial by Florian de Gesincourt.

In this workshop, Florian talks about the role of a concept artist in the video game studio, as well their relationship to the rest of the development team (art director, level designers, game designers, and environment artists).

The files attached in the tutorial contain the 3 JPG sketches, the full PSD of the final image, and the perspective tool.

What will you learn in this course?

Course plan
Lesson 1
Brief, iconographic research, sketches
Lesson 2
Concept art final, part I
Lesson 3
Concept art final, part II

Detailed course plan

Lesson 1Brief, iconographic research, sketches
Lesson 2Concept art final, part I
Lesson 3Concept art final, part II


Learner reviews

Review details
Average rating
Published on 04/09/2016
Disclaimer: I'm not a concept artist. Actually, I'm not an artist at all. So it feels weird I'm the first to leave a review here. But here goes. Florian does an excellent job taking you through his real process that ended with the concept art he submitted to The Division and landed his job. Throughout his 3 part course, he gives commentary on his approach and way of thinking, the tricks and tips on how to create a concept art, as well as external tips about how to have a portfolio and get a job in this industry. Learning how the process goes for me is both inspiring, and useful to see how a concept artist work, and what he expects from the team, and what he usually delivers. So even as an outside, this was really helpful and enjoyable. I assume a concept artist would take a lot more from it. The only downside was his strong French accent, which makes little parts hard to understand. But I quickly got used to it. Definitely worth it.

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