History of Bootstrap

Bootstrap was created by Twitter, and the open source framework was launched in August, 2011, rapidly becoming one of the most widely used HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks.  The current version, Bootstrap 3, has adopted a mobile first philosophy, which means that interfaces are created and then integrated natively in a mobile format, then for tablets, and finally, for desktop.  Incidentally, has already been announced.

Bootstrap, the responsive HTML and CSS framework

Bootstrap is a responsive HTML and CSS framework that allows you to implement web pages, websites or web apps quickly. uses Bootstrap to integrate its own webpages.  Bootstrap’s value is found in its flexibility and the speed with which you can build a page using HTML and CSS.  Thanks to a library of ready-to-use, customizable elements, you can integrate web design templates created in Photoshop or Sketch – all at a lightning pace!

Bootstrap tutorials and courses on

Would you like to learn Bootstrap? You’ll find Bootstrap tutorials here to teach you how to deploy websites quickly.  You’ll discover the basics of Bootstrap and the philosophy of how an HTML and CSS framework operates.  Once you’ve grasped the basics, you’ll learn how to create complete websites, such as portfolios, using Bootstrap.  These Bootstrap training courses are presented as video tutorials and are delivered by professional website developers who will share all their tips and tricks with you.
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