A close look at Swift, the programming language from Apple

Swift is a programming language created by Apple and first introduced on June 2, 2014. It enables you to deploy iOS and OS X applications, i.e. applications that run on the iPhone, the iPad or the Mac. Swift was created by combining the best features of both the C programming language and Objective-c (the language that has up till now been used to develop these types of applications) whilst at the same time avoiding the limitations inherent in C. In deciding to bring Swift to the marketplace, Apple has introduced a simpler kind of programming language, fun to use, and endowed with more modern and secure syntax and security concepts. 

Swift has rapidly been very well received by developers all around the world and is now classed amongst the top 20 programming languages on the TIOBE index.
It is worth noting that the arrival of Swift does not mean you will be obliged to completely redevelop any existing applications written in Objective-c: the two languages are completely compatible.

Swift tutorials and training

A new programming language inevitably requires a period of familiarization. And this is what we are offering you with our Swift tutorials and comprehensive Swift training courses, which cover all the essential features of this programming language. Our development trainers will teach you all you need to know to create your first mobile applications in Swift or modify existing applications developed in Objective-C.
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