Swift 3 Fundamentals & Essential training
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VIDEO TUTORIAL Swift 3 Fundamentals & Essential training

Sandy Ludosky
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Everyone is excited about Swift 3.0 ! Swift 3.0 is changing pretty much everything and chances are that your code will break! This is all for the best though because Apple is working hard to make Swift a powerful and intuitive programming language:

  • Easy to read and learn
  • Fast and performant

This introductory Swift 3 tutorial offers a complete training, covering :

  • The updated Swift 3 Syntax with the variables, constants, operators & data types
  • General programming concepts with Control Flow, Functions, Objects, Classes & Structs and Enums

All screencasts comes with hands-on demos and examples, from simple to complex, to explain the most important changes introduced with Swift 3.0 to help you:

  • Get up to speed with all the new Swift 3 syntax
  • Build a solid foundation for iOS application development. 
  • Update your code and be prepared until Swift 3.0 goes final in late 2016. with exercises, Quiz, and coding challenges to test your skills.

In the last part, you will also have an introduction to the iOS 10 new message framework with the project-based tutorial of an iMessage Stickers App.

What you’ll get with this Swift3 tutorial

  • 5+ Hours of Course Videos
  • Downloadable Code Samples
  • Quiz, Hands-on examples & Code challenges
  • Lifetime access and Updates to the curriculum

Who is this course for

  • Anyone willing to get up to speed with Swift 3.0
  • Novices are also welcome. The introductory course has been designed for beginners, completely new to programming, and for experienced developers willing to upgrade from Swift 2.2 to Swift 3.0

By the end of the course

  • You’ll have to work a knowledge of Swift, Apple’s custom programming language created exclusively for the mobile developer.
  • You will know how to write interactive programs with one of the most-wanted job skill

Why Learning Swift?

  • Mobile App developer is one of the hottest jobs in 2106
  • The job landscape is very promising for iOS software development. The number of jobs requiring Swift has soared by 600 percent since 2015
  • Swift has become a popular language. It is now open source making the code source available to more developers across multiple platforms like Linux, Windows & Android. 

Welcome to the new Swift 3.0 Fundamentals & Essential Training!
Sandy, Web & iOS developer

What will you learn in this course?

Course plan
Chapter 1
Getting Started
Chapter 2
Swift Basics
Chapter 3
Swift Operators
Chapter 4
Swift Collections
Chapter 5
Swift Control Flow
Chapter 6
Swift Functions & Objects
Chapter 7
IOS 10 - Message Framework & Stickers App

Detailed course plan

Chapter 1 : Getting Started
Lesson 2Intro - Swift 3 New Syntax
Lesson 3Demo - Swift 3 New Syntax
Lesson 4Converting from 2.2 to 3.0
Lesson 5Downloading Xcode 8
Chapter 2 : Swift Basics
Lesson 1My First Playground
Lesson 2Variables & Constants
Lesson 3Data Types
Lesson 4String Interpolation
Chapter 3 : Swift Operators
Lesson 1Basic Operators
Lesson 2[Challenge] - Operators
Lesson 3Modulo (%) Operator
Lesson 4Comparison Operator (<> ==)
Lesson 5Logical Operator
Lesson 6Nil (??) Operator
Lesson 7Range Operator
Chapter 4 : Swift Collections
Lesson 1Array
Lesson 2[Challenge] - Array
Lesson 3Dictionaries
Chapter 5 : Swift Control Flow
Lesson 1IF/ELSE Conditions
Lesson 2[Challenge] - IF/ELSE
Lesson 3FOR Loop
Lesson 4WHILE Loop
Lesson 5Switch Case
Lesson 6[Challenge] - Switch Case
Chapter 6 : Swift Functions & Objects
Lesson 1Working with Functions
Lesson 2[Challenge] - Functions
Lesson 3Closure
Lesson 4[Challenge] - Class Instructions
Lesson 5Struct
Lesson 6Class
Lesson 7[Challenge] - Class Instructions
Lesson 8Swift 3.0 Enums
Lesson 9[Challenge] - Ordering Coffees
Lesson 10[Challenge] - FOR & WHILE
Lesson 11[FINAL] - General Programming Concepts
Chapter 7 : IOS 10 - Message Framework & Stickers App
Lesson 1Sticker App Screencast

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