Video Tutorial Learning Data Visualization with Data Science


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Learning Data Visualization

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Big data speaks!

About This Learning Data Visualization Video Course

  • Learn why data visualization is important, and how it can be used to manage big data
  • Learn best practices in data visualization, and apply them to your own displays
  • Learn how to assess data sources, and match them to the best display types
  • Improve your ability to design and perfect basic chart types1

Data Visualization course In Detail

In this video tutorial, we’ll walk through why data visualization is so critical in today’s world of big Data. This is followed by an overview of the basic principles of data visualization, why they are important, and how they can be used to make visualizations highly effective. We’ll then walk you through some of the basics –such as how to build visualizations using best practices . You'll also learn how to identify data types and match them with the appropriate display formats.

By the end of this course, you will have a strong understanding of how to begin building effective data visualizations, based on a solid understanding of successful design principles.

Data Science training table of contents (duration : 2h25m)

  • Why You Should Visualize Your Data?
    • The Course Overview free 00:03:48
    • Visualizing Is Critical to Understanding 00:05:37
    • Taming Big Data through Visualization 00:08:52
    • Utilizing Visualization Tools 00:06:52
  • Learn to Create Great Visualizations
    • Introducing Visualization Best Practices 00:05:06
    • Designing for Visual Clarity 00:07:45
    • Driving User Focus 00:05:28
    • Working with Element Sizing 00:08:08
    • Employing Color Effectively 00:06:32
  • Know Your Data – Create Exceptional Visualizations
    • Data Types Overview 00:07:39
    • Categorical Data 00:06:27
    • Time Series Data 00:08:49
    • Point (X-Y) Data 00:06:05
    • Geospatial Data 00:09:02
    • Network Data 00:07:34
    • Unstructured Data 00:06:16
  • Making Simple Charts More Effective
    • Line Charts 00:09:05
    • Bar Charts 00:06:44
    • Scatter Plots 00:07:21
    • Distribution Plots 00:06:30
    • Dot Plots 00:06:17

Instructor : Packt

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