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History on graphic design and print

The fields of graphic design and print, have been greatly benefited from the rise of professionals of the digital era, as well as from the individual population, thanks to multimedia computers and the democratization of editing and creation software.

Graphism and Print in detail

Significant improvements in printer quality have also allowed home-printed products to keep getting better in quality, sometimes even rivaling professional solutions.
There are many options for computer graphic design, maybe even too many for beginners. Some themes, functions and features are found in one option as well as in others, offering the users to have some benchmarks within various software, which allows designers not to have to re-learn everything when going from one to another.
Drawing pixel by pixel, vector design, creation, layout, and the use of tools like the Wacom tablet, remain as classics that can be very simply addressed, or for which one may choose to deeply specialize. 
Computer graphic design, web design creations, and print designs -also called press-, are areas that offer many specifications. Among the flagship designing software, one may name Adobe’s Illustrator and Indesign, which are the most popular within graphic designers.
Working on a press request requires the designer to think about various aspects of the work from the start. The variety of colors, the type of paper to be used, and the design layout will be very specific. There´s a need to always keep in mind the color variations that may occur from one device to another, between the workplace and the printer. Knowing this, and taking it into account, will often result in saving valuable time and money, avoiding incessant returns.

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