Video Tutorial The Official Comprehensive Course About Duik Ángela with After Effects


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The Official Comprehensive Course About Duik Ángela

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Learn everything about Duik Ángela in After Effects!
Follow this 11-hour course to learn how to rig any kind of character, props, bipeds and other animals, and discover all the powerful animation tools of Duik Ángela.
"Rigging" is the process of adding controllers and automations to a character to make it easier to animate, to be able to manipulate it in the same way a puppeteer manipulates its pupppet. It's a way of working common with 3D softwares, used to animate characters in After effects, thanks to the script Duik, which I'm developing.
These tutorials are meant for people already knowing After Effects and willing to learn cut-out character animation, which is what Duik was developped for.
This course is very useful combined to my comprehensive animation course ;)

Intended Audience

This tutorial was recorded for people already comfortable with After Effects who want to learn how to use Duik Ángela to rig and animate characters. It is not a good idea to learn Duik if you don’t already know After Effects well enough!
All essential rigging techniques are shown here. But you have to be aware that rigging and animating characters is a complex process, and you will need a lot of time and experience to achieve a good level.
These tutorials aim to teach you solid bases to quickly animate your first characters.
You should learn to setup characters only if you're confident with After Effects!

If you’ve not seen it yet, we recommend you watch the free introductory tutorial to Duik Ángela too!

Included in this tutorial

All the character and prop files we’re going to rig and animate.
These files use After Effects 2022: it works with all versions more recent, but you won’t be able to open them with an older version of After Effects.
A big part of these tutorials are free, they are the videos explaining the tools of Duik, showing what is written in the user guide - which you can download freely too, or you can buy the beautiful printed version available soon.

Other Information


This is the location to install Duik Ángela, for all users, according to the operating system:

  • Windows: C:ProgramsAdobeAdobe After Effects 20XXSupport FilesScriptsScriptUI Panels
  • macOS: /Applications/Adobe After Effects 20XX/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels


All rights for all material used in this course are reserved by their respective owners. You can not use any of the provided art and files for any purpose except for learning Duik by following this course. None of them can be used in any project, and you can not use them to teach, whether it's in a recorded tutorial or a lesson in a school or training center, for example. You must not share these files with anyone.

- The Emu: Design by Jean-Michel DOYEN & Magali BOUCHET
- The Simple Human, the Cat Skeleton and the Ferris Wheel: Design by Léa Saint Raymond
- All other material: Design by Nicolas "Duduf" Dufresne

After Effects training table of contents (duration : 11h11m)

  • Installation & Getting started
    • Install Duik and First Look free 00:06:41
    • Settings free 00:02:53
    • Duik Notes free 00:03:21
    • Keyboard Shortcuts and the Duik API free 00:05:16
  • Introduction and overview
    • Create the armature free 00:01:31
    • Parent layers free 00:01:35
    • Auto-rig free 00:03:15
    • Extract controllers free 00:02:16
    • Walk and Run cycles free 00:07:19
  • It's all about Bones!
    • [Theory] Several ways and options to create bones free 00:10:36
    • [Theory] Predefined armatures for all kinds of limbs 00:11:48
    • [Theory] Bone Settings free 00:02:29
    • [Theory] Bone Envelops free 00:06:53
    • [Theory] Bone Noodles free 00:07:43
    • [Theory] Bone Tools free 00:07:39
    • [Practice] A Complete Character with Noodles - Creation 00:08:52
    • [Practice] A Complete Character with Noodles - Rig 00:18:45
    • [Theory] OCO Metarigs free 00:06:51
    • [Practice] Bone the Emu! 00:13:10
  • Duik Pins
    • [Theory] The two puppet engines 00:09:09
    • [Theory] Spatial Pins free 00:04:04
    • [Practice] Rig the Ghost! 00:14:27
    • [Theory] Bézier Pins free 00:04:46
    • [Practice] A Rubber Arm 00:08:39
    • [Practice] Pin the Emu! 00:06:37
    • [Practice] Parent the Emu! 00:07:18
  • The Auto-rigger, the Controllers, the limbs, the IK...
    • [Theory] Introduction free 00:01:40
    • [Theory] Options free 00:03:37
    • [Theory] Controller tools and custom controllers free 00:10:40
    • [Theory] The Arm, and all the IK settings and properties free 00:10:27
    • [Practice] Foreshortening and stretch 00:05:53
    • [Theory] All types of legs free 00:04:56
    • [Theory] Wings free 00:04:23
    • [Theory] Tails free 00:01:42
    • [Theory] Fish free 00:02:51
    • [Practice] Rig the Emu 00:12:51
    • [Practice] Emu stroke and details 00:14:12
    • [Practice] Walk the emu! 00:13:45
    • [Practice] Complete Rig of a Human with Stretch and Foreshortening 00:13:39
  • A Mechanical Arm and a Train...
    • [Practice] Mechanical Arm and Cogs 00:12:11
    • [Practice] Pistons 00:11:22
    • [Practice] Cables 00:14:38
    • [Practice] The Wagon free 00:06:15
    • [Practice] Animate the parenting 00:12:41
  • Automation and kleaner
    • [Theory] Wiggle free 00:03:32
    • [Theory] Swink free 00:04:32
    • [Theory] Reinvent the wheel free 00:01:57
    • [Theory] Move Away and Motion Trail free 00:05:15
    • [Theory] Random Motion free 00:01:28
    • [Practice] The Ferris Wheel 00:06:58
    • [Theory] Kleaner free 00:11:13
    • [Practice] Rig a Robot 00:07:35
    • [Practice] Rig the Antenna 00:07:37
    • [Practice] Animation and Kleaner 00:06:58
  • The Connector
    • [Theory] Sliders, Expose Transform and Layer List free 00:11:30
    • [Theory] Effector and Textures free 00:04:32
    • [Theory] Audio Connector free 00:04:15
    • [Theory] Rig an Arm with the Connector, and Multiple Connections free 00:07:08
    • [Practice] Introduction to the Facial Rig free 00:03:50
    • [Practice] Connect the Eyes 00:12:31
    • [Practice] Connect the Eyelids 00:12:56
    • [Practice] The Mouth 00:06:15
    • [Practice] Head Turn 00:13:41
    • [Practice] Advanced Arm: Rig and Parent Across Comps free 00:03:20
    • [Practice] Advanced Arm: Arm, Forearm and Hand Connections 00:17:34
    • [Practice] Advanced Arm: Fixes and Modifications after the Connections 00:02:41
  • The Key Morph
    • [Theory] Introduction free 00:03:19
    • [Practice] A Simple Head 00:10:52
    • [Practice] An Advanced Head: Rotations 00:13:29
    • [Practice] An Advanced Head: Expressions 00:05:29
    • [Practice] An Advanced Head: Controllers 00:08:18
  • Quadruped: Rig and Animate a Cat
    • [Practice] Rig the Cat 00:11:45
    • [Practice] Animate the Cat 00:13:40
  • Animation Tools
    • [Theory] Select Keyframes, Copy and Paste Animation 00:02:13
    • [Theory] Interpolator 00:09:37
    • [Theory] Move Anchor Points, Align Layers, Snap Keys, IK/FK Switch 00:02:55
    • [Theory] Tweening 00:03:19
    • [Practice] Tween the Emu 00:04:55
    • [Theory] Interpolation Tools 00:03:15
    • [Theory] Animation Library 00:02:38
    • [Practice] Klean the Emu 00:02:56
    • [Theory] Sequencer 00:02:01
    • [Theory] X-Sheet 00:03:41
    • [Theory] Traditional/Cel Animation 00:02:38
  • Non-Linear Animation
    • [Theory] Introduction and demo free 00:07:27
    • [Theory] How to setup and use the NLA free 00:13:42
  • Cameras
    • [Theory] Framing Guides 00:04:48
    • [Theory] 3D Camera 00:08:41
    • [Theory] 2D Camera 00:05:03
  • Additional Tools
    • Composition tools 00:02:26
    • Layer Manager 00:08:03
    • Text Tools 00:02:50
    • Scripting and Expressions Tools 00:06:45
    • DuSan: Monitoring and Sanity of the Project 00:06:00

Instructor : Nicolas Dufresne

Nicolas Dufresne has published 14 tutorials and obtained an average rating of 4,8/5 on 20 314 courses sold. See others courses from Nicolas Dufresne

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