Video Tutorial Cinema 4D Complete : Vol. 1 The Essentials with Cinema 4D


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Cinema 4D Complete : Vol. 1 The Essentials

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This video training is the first volume of the most complete Cinema 4D online course you will find !
You’ll dive into the basics of Cinema 4D, and how to get a good understanding of the core concept of this wonderful 3D application.

I’m Lionel Vicidomini, a Maxon Certified Instructor and Motion Designer based in Paris, France. I believe that in order to truly master a software you have to learn it by the details. I have created this training, the first one of a series, to create a video manual of Cinema 4D and to be the most thorough possible while being entertaining.

Cinema 4D Complete Online Course : Vol. 1 The Essentials

In this volume you will see:

  • A complete tour of the interface
  • How to navigate efficiently in the 3D viewport
  • The display options of the viewport
  • How to customize the interface
  • The hidden options of the object manager
  • Tips and tricks on how to manipulate lots of objects
  • The coordinate system
  • The layer manager
  • The software preferences to know
  • How to set up your project and save the changes
  • The library and how to search it
  • The parametric objects explained
  • How to move, scale and rotate your objects quickly and efficiently
  • The generators
  • Workplane and snapping settings explained
  • How to place your objects exactly where you want
  • Practical workshop: how to model a toy Flying Saucer using parametric objects only

This online course is aimed for the beginner eager to jump into the 3D world, as well for the more seasoned graphic designer who wants to deepen his knowledge of the features of this wonderful software.

You don’t need to watch every single video to learn Cinema 4D, you can do it gradually by jumping from video to video along your way. Each lecture is designed to be short and packed with information.

You can follow this tutorial with Cinema 4D Lite which is bundled with After Effects CC.
In the next volume you will learn everything there is to know about modeling.
Are you ready to dive into the 3D world ? Let's get started !

Cinema 4D training table of contents (duration : 5h36m)

  • Getting to know the Interface
    • A brief tour of the interface free 00:03:18
    • Navigating the Viewport free 00:03:29
    • Navigating the Viewport : The Camera Modes free 00:02:53
    • Framing Objects free 00:04:00
    • Cameras 00:05:18
    • Views Windows 00:05:46
    • Perspective and Orthographic Views 00:06:55
    • Shading of the Viewport 00:10:26
    • Level Of Detail 00:03:27
    • Viewport Filters 00:07:56
    • Viewport Effects 00:11:27
    • Display Options and Display Tag 00:05:49
    • Configuring the Viewport 00:06:10
    • Customizing the Interface 00:09:41
    • Going Further with Customization 00:05:45
  • The Object Manager
    • Getting to know the Object Manager 00:04:17
    • Selecting Objects 00:08:19
    • The Object Hierarchy 00:03:35
    • Filtering the Object Manager 00:06:19
    • Bookmarks 00:01:38
    • Hiding and Unhiding Objects 00:04:20
    • Solo Button 00:03:48
    • The Layer Manager 00:07:21
    • The Content Browser 00:08:37
  • The Attribute Manager
    • Introducing the Attribute Manager 00:09:32
    • Navigating the Tabs 00:03:00
    • The Basic Parameters : Name and Color 00:03:30
    • The Coordinate Tab : changing multiple value at the same time, using formulas free 00:09:37
    • Local and World Coordinates : What's the Difference 00:11:17
    • Size VS Scale 00:06:24
  • Primitives and Generators
    • The Basic Primitives 00:15:07
    • Other Primitives 00:07:29
    • Using the Generators and How Parenting Works 00:04:08
    • The Array Generator 00:02:26
    • The Boole Generator 00:05:52
    • The Instance Generator 00:06:07
  • Moving and Arranging Objects
    • Selecting, Moving, Scaling and Rotating the Objects 00:11:29
    • Advanced Options on Moving the Objects 00:06:10
    • Aligning Objects Together 00:07:31
    • Using Grids to precisely align and move objects 00:07:34
    • The Snapping Tools 00:07:54
    • Altering the Axis Center of Objects to Align Them 00:05:53
    • Duplicate, Arrange, Center and Randomize Tools 00:09:15
    • Quantizing 00:03:37
    • Using Advanced Technics to Precisely Align Objects Together 00:07:37
  • Modeling a Flying Saucer
    • Creating the Main Body 00:09:04
    • The Antenna 00:05:23
    • The Headlights 00:08:00
    • The Exhaust Vents 00:03:49
    • Creating the Grid of the Exhaust Vents with Cinema 4D Lite 00:03:37
    • Finishing the Exhaust Vents 00:04:18
    • The Feets 00:10:04

Instructor : Lionel Vicidomini

Lionel Vicidomini has published 50 tutorials and obtained an average rating of 4,9/5 on 14 877 courses sold. Lionel Vicidomini is a, tuto.com's certified instructor. See others courses from Lionel Vicidomini

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    review by membre-800-8588 written on 30/12/2022
    Really easy to follow

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    review by member-7839-2236 written on 23/03/2022
    Great course. To the point and easy to understand

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