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History of After Effects

After Effects was created in 1993 by CoSA. It wasn’t until 1995, however, that the software was presented to Adobe in its 3.0 version. In the meanwhile, After Effects was sold to Aldus which was subsequently bought by Adobe in 1994. After this eventful journey, After Effects version 12.0 finds itself in a new, expressive place as a part of Adobe Creative Cloud (CC).

After Effects CC in the Cloud

Some of After Effects CC innovations include : 

  • New 3D capacities thanks to the Cineware deck that enables After Effects to  interact with Cinema 4D Lite (which is equipped with this version of Creative Cloud)
  • The possibility of enhancing outlines automatically (a tool borrowed to Photoshop CC) which allows masks to be created more precisely than ever!
  • Design stabilization
  • Improved 3D and facial tracking
  • Automatic encoding of After Effects projects via control files in Adobe Media Encoder
  • Animation tool Character Animator

After Effects CC tutorial and training

To use After Effects, you will need to include the outcome of each operation in your special effects, animations and images. You can stack as many effects as necessary, modify them separately or in groups, change numerous parameters in order to personalize your effects to the smallest details. You will also have to understand the impact of the disposable material on your possibilities – for example, it may happen that you need to lower the quality of your photos in order to have a fast overview that allows you to work faster.
Mastering all these different aspects will distinguish you from beginners and unrefined effects. To achieve this, you will be guided by our After Effects instructors throughout your apprenticeship thanks to After Effects CC trainings.

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