Cinema 4D Complete : Vol. 2. All about Modeling!
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VIDEO TUTORIAL Cinema 4D Complete : Vol. 2. All about Modeling!

Lionel Vicidomini
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In this second volume, you will learn everything there is to know about modeling!
Polygon modeling is at the core of every 3D application. Whatever field you are going to work in, you will need to know how to push points, edges and polygons to make your vision come true.

I’m Lionel VICIDOMINI, a Maxon Certified Instructor, Maxon Master Trainer and Motion Designer based in Paris, France. I believe that in order to truly master a software you have to learn it by the details. I have created this series of training, to create a video manual of Cinema 4D and to be the most thorough possible while being entertaining.

In this Cinema 4D online course you will learn all about 3D Modeling

  • How to select, move, scale and rotate polygons precisely, fluently, and as fast as possible to allow a smoother workflow
  • All about splines, those vector shapes that are so useful when you want to create complex objects
  • The generators, such as the mirror, the remesher and the all-powerful Subdivision Surface, at the very core of polygon modeling
  • The polygon commands, such as the extrude, bevel tool, but also the stich'n'sew and many less known tools
  • The deformers, which allow you to reshape objets to your needs or even create whole models from simple primitives
  • OpenVDB modeling, another way to create complex objects parametrically without the hassle of polygons

Several workshops in the end of the course will teach you real life examples and how to model many objects : a screw, a spoon, a coffee cup and its holder, a soccer ball and many others.

This training has been recorded on the R23 but you can follow it easily on previous versions of the software, down to R17.
It is not required to have followed the first volume of the series, but it can greatly help, especially if you are new to 3D.

What will you learn in this course?

Course plan
Chapter 1
The Core Concepts of Polygons
Chapter 2
The Splines
Chapter 3
The Generators
Chapter 4
Mastering the Polygon Commands
Chapter 5
The Deformers
Chapter 6
Using OpenVDB for Modeling (R20 and up)
Chapter 7
Modeling Workshops

Detailed course plan

Chapter 1 : The Core Concepts of Polygons
Lesson 1Installing the custom interface
Lesson 2What is a polygon ?
Lesson 3What is a N-Gone ?
Lesson 4The Structure Manager
Lesson 5The Normals
Lesson 6The Phong Tag
Lesson 7Selecting Points, Edges and Polygons
Lesson 8Grow, Shrink, Connected Selections commands
Lesson 9Loop, Ring, Outline, Path and Fill Selections commands
Lesson 10Placing the Axis Where you Want
Lesson 11Orienting the Axis
Lesson 12Soft Selection
Lesson 13Creating Vertex Maps
Lesson 14Painting Vertex Maps
Chapter 2 : The Splines
Lesson 1Welcome to the Wonderful World of Spline
Lesson 2Opening, Closing Splines, Moving Points Around
Lesson 3Changing the Type of Spline
Lesson 4Join, Break, Explode Splines
Lesson 5Creating a Freeform Spline with the Pen
Lesson 6Drawing a Spline with the Sketch Tool
Lesson 7Smoothing, Relaxing, Twisting the Splines
Lesson 8The Arc Tool
Lesson 9Adding, Deleting, Welding Points
Lesson 10Adding Points with the Rounding Command
Lesson 11Mirroring Splines
Lesson 12Projecting Spline on a Surface
Lesson 13The Line Up and Magnet Commands
Lesson 14Converting Edges of an Object to a Spline
Lesson 15Creating Cross Sections
Lesson 16Importing from Illustrator
Lesson 17The Chamfer and Outline Command
Lesson 18Combining Shapes with the Spline Mask
Lesson 19Creating a Biohazard Shape with the Boolean Tool
Chapter 3 : The Generators
Lesson 1What are the Generators ?
Lesson 2What is Interpolation and Why you Should Care
Lesson 3The Caps panel
Lesson 4The Rounding Option on Caps
Lesson 5The Extrude Generator
Lesson 6The Lathe Generator
Lesson 7Modeling a Glass with the Lathe Generator
Lesson 8The Sweep Generator
Lesson 9The Sweep Generator : the Rail Option
Lesson 10The Sweep Generator : Scale and Rotation Options
Lesson 11The Loft Generator
Lesson 12The Metaballs
Lesson 13Better control of the Metaball with the tag
Lesson 14The Connect object
Lesson 15The Symmetry Object
Lesson 16The Polygon Reduction object
Lesson 17The Level of Detail (LOD) object
Lesson 18The LOD : Advanced Options
Lesson 19The Cloth Surface object : Adding Thickness
Chapter 4 : Mastering the Polygon Commands
Lesson 1The Subdivision Surface Generator
Lesson 2Weighting the Subdivision Surface : Mastering Hard Edges
Lesson 3Advanced options of the Subdivision Surface
Lesson 4The Remesher (R23 and up)
Lesson 5Better topology in the Remesher with the Spline Flow (R23 and up)
Lesson 6Dissolving, melting, collapsing, deleting polygons
Lesson 7Optimize command
Lesson 8Subdivide command
Lesson 9Splitting, disconnecting geometries
Lesson 10Ngons commands
Lesson 11Moving, scaling, rotating along normals
Lesson 12The Line Cut command
Lesson 13Loop Cut
Lesson 14Plane Cut
Lesson 15Connecting Edges or Points
Lesson 16Fast extrusion with the move, rotate and scale tool
Lesson 17Extrude Command
Lesson 18Smooth Shift
Lesson 19Matrix Extrude
Lesson 20Extrude Inner
Lesson 21Bridge
Lesson 22Close Polygon Hole
Lesson 23The Bevel tool : Solid Mode
Lesson 24The Bevel tool : Chamfer Mode
Lesson 25The Bevel tool : Topology
Lesson 26The Bevel tool : Points
Lesson 27The Bevel tool : beveling polygons
Lesson 28Welding points
Lesson 29Stitching points
Lesson 30The Slide tool
Lesson 31Spinning edges
Lesson 32The Iron Tool
Lesson 33The Magnet and Brush Tools
Lesson 34The Mirror command
Lesson 35Set Point Value
Lesson 36Clone, arrray tool
Lesson 37Remone Manifold
Lesson 38The Polygon Pen, 1st part
Lesson 39The Polygon Pen, 2nd part
Lesson 40The Polygon Pen, Retopology on a Shoe
Chapter 5 : The Deformers
Lesson 1What are Deformers, and what they can do for you
Lesson 2The Basics of Deformers
Lesson 3Alignement of Deformers
Lesson 4The Deformer Mode
Lesson 5Hierarchy and Order of Operations
Lesson 6Restricting a Deformer with a Field
Lesson 7Restricting a Deformer with the Restrict Tag
Lesson 8Bend deformer
Lesson 9Twist deformer
Lesson 10Bulge and Taper Deformers
Lesson 11Shear deformer
Lesson 12Freeform Deformer (FFD)
Lesson 13Mesh deformer
Lesson 14Correction deformer
Lesson 15Melt, shatter and explosion deformers
Lesson 16Spherify deformer
Lesson 17Surface deformer
Lesson 18Shrink Wrap deformer
Lesson 19Wrap deformer
Lesson 20Spline Wrap deformer
Lesson 21Spline Wrap deformer : Rail option
Lesson 22Spline Rail deformer
Lesson 23Spline deformer
Lesson 24Formula deformer
Lesson 25Wind deformer
Lesson 26Displacer deformer, 1st part
Lesson 27Displacer deformer, 2d part
Lesson 28Camera deformer
Lesson 29Bevel deformer
Chapter 6 : Using OpenVDB for Modeling (R20 and up)
Lesson 1What is OpenVDB?
Lesson 2Creating a coffee cup with OpenVDB
Lesson 3Using meshes with OpenVDB
Lesson 4Using spline with OpenVDB
Lesson 5Using Mograph, Particles and Fields with OpenVDB
Lesson 6Refining the coffee cup
Lesson 7Modeling a screw with OpenVDB
Lesson 8Modeling a vase
Lesson 9Creating the pattern on the vase
Lesson 10Finishing the vase
Lesson 11The smoothing filters
Lesson 12Dilate, close and open filters
Lesson 13Playing with Fields and OpenVDB
Lesson 14The fog volume
Lesson 15Revealing a type with Fog Volume
Lesson 16Override the grid matrix option
Lesson 17Importing VDB
Lesson 18Exporting VDB
Lesson 19The Volume Loader
Chapter 7 : Modeling Workshops
Lesson 1Checking your mesh
Lesson 2Setting up reference images
Lesson 3Setting up reference images with planes
Lesson 4Modeling a heart
Lesson 5Modeling a banana
Lesson 6Modeling a banana using the Spline Wrap
Lesson 7Modeling a dice
Lesson 8Refining the dice
Lesson 9Modeling a soccer ball
Lesson 10Modeling a coffee cup
Lesson 11Modeling the coffee cup holder
Lesson 12Modeling a spoon
Lesson 13Modeling a fancy spoon
Lesson 14Finishing the fancy spoon
Lesson 15Cutting holes - 1st Part
Lesson 16Cutting holes - 2nd Part
Lesson 17Creating a complex hardsurface shape
Lesson 18Modeling a designer chair : the base
Lesson 19Modeling a designer chair : the feet
Lesson 20Finishing the designer chair, creating iterations with deformers
Lesson 21Modeling a screw : the main body
Lesson 22Modeling a screw : finishing the top
Lesson 23Modeling a jug
Lesson 24Modeling a "cow moneybox"
Lesson 25Modeling a "cow moneybox" : refining the shape
Lesson 26Modeling a "cow moneybox" : wrapping up


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