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Learning Functional JavaScript

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A deep dive into functional programming with practical examples from both server and client-side JavaScript code

About This JavaScript video course

  • Get to grips with data flow using immutability and learn how to reason with code
  • Eliminate the common loop problems efficiently using Recursion
  • Boost your performance by using lazy functions and employing laziness to increase performance
  • Play with the included sample application – a text-based adventure game – to see the techniques put together

Course Detail

Along with being tried and trusted, functional programming is one of the biggest current trends in programming.

Its focus on side-effect free code, unadorned data manipulation and simple structures promote a coding style that reduces bugs, and lifts the level of abstraction to a point where we can achieve more with less code.

All topics discussed in the course can be used to various degrees in any code-base – even if your daily work is with a huge object-oriented project, the techniques discussed will certainly be useful.

Learning Functional JavaScript will show you how to build powerful abstractions by combining many small and simple functions, and how to strip your data modeling to the necessities.

  • We start by investigating the power of higher-order functions by diving right into the implementation of the sample application.
  • We then elaborate by partially applying and composing functions before we end up with lazy evaluation to boost our abstraction power and performance.
  • Right from the start we'll dive into the implementation of a text-based adventure game.
  • We will also see how function composition is used to solve specific problems in this domain by combining highly generic functions.
  • We learn function programming techniques that help improve asynchronous code used to load the game from disk.
  • Later we'll become acquainted with a few other examples as well, as we learn about designing applications around an immutable data structure.
  • And we end our journey with a discussion of recursion and how it relates to lazy data structures, and show examples of using previously discussed techniques on infinite data sets.

At the end of the course, you’ll be proficient with the basic functional programming techniques and will be able to optimize your JavaScript code by applying them. Learning Functional JavaScript teaches you all the basic functional programming techniques and shows you how to apply them to JavaScript, and how they can be used to solve highly practical problems.

JavaScript training table of contents (duration : 2h20m)

  • Introduction to Functional Programming
    • The Course Overview free 00:03:54
    • What Is Functional Programming? free 00:04:08
    • Your First Functional Programming Concepts 00:03:33
  • Higher Order Functions
    • First-class Functions 00:02:41
    • Passing Functions as Arguments 00:08:31
    • Returning Functions 00:04:39
  • Functional Asynchrony
    • Callbacks 00:05:14
    • Continuation Passing Style 00:06:34
    • Promises 00:10:33
  • Function Composition
    • Partial Function Application 00:07:05
    • Currying 00:08:44
    • Composition 00:07:01
  • Immutability
    • What Is Immutability? 00:06:46
    • Working with Immutability 00:08:59
    • Immutability in the UI 00:06:00
    • Mechanics and Performance 00:06:59
  • Recursion
    • Recursive Thinking 00:07:25
    • A Recursive AST Parser 00:07:15
    • Trampolining 00:04:48
  • Laziness
    • Lazy Evaluation 00:08:46
    • Lazy Sequences 00:05:45
    • Infinite Sequences 00:05:12

Instructor : Packt

Packt has published 45 tutorials and has sold 10 coursess. See others courses from Packt

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