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Learning Object-Oriented JavaScript

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Acquire advanced JavaScript skills and create complex and reusable applications

About Object-Oriented JavaScript video course

  • Discover the important concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP) and make your life easier, more enjoyable, and more focused on what you love doing—creating
  • Develop reusable code while creating three different clocks, a classic clock, a text clock, and an alarm clock.
  • Utilize the advantages of using constructors, methods, and properties to become an expert

Course In Detail

One of the most common issues faced by JavaScript developers is what is known in the industry as “spaghetti code.” This issue is common when developers don't know how OOP works, as they end up creating layers of code on top of each other, resembling spaghetti. The goal of OOP is to organize your code and make your life easier.

This course will help you change some common coding practices and empower you by giving you the tools you need for more efficient development.
You start with building a simple digital clock and use this as the case sample for the course. Then, we begin exploring the object-oriented tools in JavaScript such as the constructor, scope, methods, and properties. Next, we dive even deeper as we explore the wonderful world of prototypes, static methods and properties, and namespaces. We then turn our attention to inheritance and finally end the course with a section to dedicated events and callbacks. As we explore what they are and how to use them, we complete our sample by creating a fully usable alarm clock.

With this course, you will be an expert in OOP with JavaScript in under 3 hours!

JavaScript training table of contents (duration : 1h19m)

  • Creating a Clock
    • Setting Up the HTML and CSS free 00:08:33
    • Knowing When the Document is Loaded 00:03:48
    • Understanding What Objects Are 00:06:53
    • The Difference between Browsers 00:04:44
    • Tying Up Loose Ends 00:05:32
  • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Building with Objects 00:08:40
    • Scoping for Your Scope: ‘this’ not ‘that’ 00:07:34
    • Constructing a Constructor 00:07:20
    • Reusing Objects 00:11:47
  • Prototype
    • Creating Methods with the Prototype 00:07:12
    • Augmenting Built-in Objects 00:07:16
    • Static Properties and Methods 00:14:10
    • Moving Our Code into a Namespace 00:05:31
  • Inheritance
    • Functions that Have Functions 00:04:16
    • Inheriting Your Parents' Belongings 00:09:46
    • Creating a Polyfill for Object.create 00:05:31
    • Overriding Properties and Methods 00:07:38
    • Creating an Alarm Clock 00:07:24
  • Events and Callbacks
    • Turning DIVs into Editable Content in HTML5 00:05:01
    • Listening to Events 00:07:22
    • Setting the Alarm Time Dynamically 00:05:46
    • Dispatching Events 00:06:06
    • Custom Callbacks 00:10:48

Instructor : Packt

Packt has published 45 tutorials and has sold 10 coursess. See others courses from Packt

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