Become Data Analyst and Learn the fundamentals of Data Analysis!
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Become Data Analyst and Learn the fundamentals of Data Analysis!

Louis Dresse
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If you're looking to excel in Data Analysis fundamentals, this course is an ideal choice!
To effectively understand a massive amount of raw data that nobody understands, a solid grasp of data analysis basics is crucial.

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Louis, with years of experience as a data analyst. Throughout this course, we will comprehensively revisit the fundamental principles of data analysis.

This course is designed for three distinct groups of individuals:

  • Data analysts or future data analysts who wish to master the fundamentals.
  • Students who have completed statistics courses and seek hands-on applications.
  • The curious ones who are interested in a deep understanding of data. 

Our curriculum will encompass:

  • The basics of descriptive statistics (enabling concise data summarization).
  • Data visualization (allowing graphical data representation).
  • Pitfalls to avoid when analysing data, and common mistakes to be aware of.
  • A final exploration of data analysis in a business context.

Worried about your technical proficiency? Rest assured, this course is accessible to all, regardless of programming knowledge or tool familiarity.
The course's ultimate goal is for you to truly understand the fundamentals of data analysis. 

Expect a dynamic learning environment with:

  • Gradual explanations of theoretical concepts.
  • Abundant real-world examples to illuminate theory.
  • Regular reminders to make connections between sections

If mastering data analysis basics is your ambition, then this course is tailor-made for you! Are you ready to embark on this journey? We look forward to having you join us soon!

What will you learn in this course?

Course plan
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
The basics of Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 3
Data Visualization
Chapter 4
Pitfalls to avoid
Chapter 5
Data Analysis in Business

Detailed course plan

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Lesson 1Structure of the course
Chapter 2 : The basics of Descriptive Statistics
Lesson 1Definition of Data Analysis
Lesson 2Data Tables, Database and Views
Lesson 3Definition of Descriptive Statistics
Lesson 4Vocabulary of Descriptive Statistics
Lesson 5Frequency and Percentage
Lesson 6The Mode
Lesson 7The Mean
Lesson 8The Median
Lesson 9The Quartiles
Lesson 10The Range and the Interquartile Range
Lesson 11The Variance and the Standard Deviation
Lesson 12Measures of Skewness
Lesson 13Measures of Kurtosis
Lesson 14The Correlation
Chapter 3 : Data Visualization
Lesson 1Definition of Data Visualization
Lesson 2Bar Charts and Histograms
Lesson 3Box Plots
Lesson 4Line Charts
Lesson 5Stacked Area Charts
Lesson 6Pie Charts
Lesson 7Scatter Plots
Lesson 8Sankey Diagrams
Lesson 9The Correlation Matrix
Lesson 10Other Examples of Data Visualization
Chapter 4 : Pitfalls to avoid
Lesson 1How to Lie with Statistics
Lesson 2Correlation does not imply Causation
Lesson 3The Dangers of the Mean
Lesson 4The Trap of Seasonality
Lesson 5The Misleading Axis
Lesson 6Sample Size too Small
Lesson 7The Selection Bias
Lesson 8The Trap of One Dimensional Analysis
Lesson 9The Simpson's Paradox
Chapter 5 : Data Analysis in Business
Lesson 1The Corporate Data Analysis
Lesson 2The Best Tools For Data Analysis
Lesson 3AB testing
Lesson 4Qualitative Study
Lesson 5Do I need to be good at Maths ? At Stats ? At coding ? At AI ?


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