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Getting Started with R for Data Science

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Unleash the powerful capabilities of R to work effectively with data

About This Getting Started with R for Data Science Video course

  • Find out how to load, analyze, and manipulate data from large datasets to make informed decisions
  • Be introduced to RStudio, R programming, as well as the tools available to mine data from social media
  • A tutorial with hands-on working examples of R programming

R for DataScience In Detail

The R language is a powerful open source functional programming language. R is becoming the go-to tool for data scientists and analysts. Its growing popularity is due to its open source nature and extensive development community.

This video course will take you on a journey to become an efficient data science practitioner as you thoroughly understand the key concepts of R. Starting from the absolute basics, you will quickly be introduced to programming in R.

You will see how to load data into R for analysis, and get a good understanding of how to write R scripts. We will delve into data types in R, and you'll gain the ability to read and write data to and from databases as well as files. You will also get to know how to perform basic analysis of the data. 

By the end of the course, you will know how data science can be applied in practical conditions.

R, Data Science training table of contents (duration : 1h39m)

  • Introducing R
    • The Course Overview free 00:04:15
    • What is R? 00:02:34
    • The Structure of the Language 00:03:52
    • Data Structures within R 00:05:57
    • Writing a Simple Program in R 00:04:33
  • Getting Data into R
    • The Structure of a DataFrame free 00:05:35
    • Creating a DataFrame from a CSV File 00:02:41
    • Creating a DataFrame from a Zip File 00:03:03
    • Creating a DataFrame from a Database 00:06:55
  • Cleaning and Blending Data
    • The Tools Available for Cleaning Data 00:06:50
    • Dealing with Null Values 00:04:03
    • Standardizing Date Formats 00:03:13
    • Blending Multiple DataFrames 00:04:22
  • Cooking the Codebook
    • What Is a Codebook and Why Create One? 00:03:50
    • Creating the Codebook Using Standard R API Functionality 00:02:28
    • Manually Creating a Custom Codebook 00:03:32
  • Data Mining and Analysis
    • Introduction to Data Mining and Analysis 00:03:49
    • The Tools and Techniques for Creating the Story 00:03:32
    • Regression Analysis with R 00:02:24
    • Clustering Data with R 00:03:20
    • Classifying Data with R 00:04:01
  • A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
    • Data Visualization Tools 00:03:09
    • Creating Static Visualization Plots 00:03:47
    • Creating Interactive Plots 00:02:01
    • Publishing the Graphics 00:02:06
    • What's Next? 00:03:12

Instructor : Packt

Packt has published 45 tutorials and has sold 10 coursess. See others courses from Packt

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