Video Tutorial The Official Character Rigging course with Duik Bassel with After Effects


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The Official Character Rigging course with Duik Bassel

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"Rigging" is the process of adding controllers and automations to a character to make it easier to animate, to be able to manipulate it in the same way a puppeteer manipulates its pupppet. It's a way of working common with 3D softwares, used to animate characters in After effects, thanks to the script Duik, which I'm developping.
These tutorials are meant for people already knowing After Effects and willing to learn cut-out character animation, which is what Duik was developped for.
This course is very useful combined to my comprehensive animation course ;)

In this Official Character Rigging course with Duik Bassel video course 

All essential rigging techniques are shown here. But you have to be aware that rigging and animating characters is a complex process, and you will need a lot of time and experience to achieve a good level.
These tutorials aim to teach you solid bases to quickly animate your first characters.
You should learn to setup characters only if you're confident with After Effects!

  • Parent links
  • Effects
  • Precompositions
  • Keyframes and interpolations
  • Puppet tool

These five tools should have no secret for you - but we will see together how to use them concretely for rigging characters.
It will be useful if you already know how to create expressions too - even if you don't master them yet - I'll show you some examples of how to apply useful expressions.
I'll be using several tools of After Effects (parents, precompositions, expressions...) and of Duik (controllers, IK, autorig, automations...), as long as the puppet tool in the end.
A big part of these tutorials are free, they are the videos explaining the tools of Duik, showing what is written in the user guide - which you can download freely too, or you can buy the beautiful printed version available soon.
In this course, we will rig and use the characters which were designed by my very talented friend Juistine Cunha for my comprehensive animation course which is a great complement to this rigging course.
You can watch Justine's gorgeous work there and on Instagram.

Some of these tutorials make use of a very new version of Duik Bassel, 16.1. This is so new that at the time of the release of the tutorial, it's not yet publicly available! This private version is provided with the source files of the tutorial so you can play with it before everyone else ;)

The script and the source files are working with all versions of After Effects since CS6 (11.0), but I also show some interesting tools which only work on the latest versions of After Effects (CC2019, 16.0).

After Effects training table of contents (duration : 8h56m)

  • Introduction
    • Installation and first look free 00:15:01
    • Rigging process: Structures free 00:12:48
    • Rigging process: Auto-rig and Walk Cycle free 00:10:26
  • Structures
    • Predefined limbs free 00:10:42
    • Tools free 00:06:31
    • With a selection free 00:14:01
  • Auto-Rig
    • Arm and IK free 00:16:24
    • Leg and Foot Roll free 00:04:24
    • Spine and Bezier IK free 00:06:26
    • Tail and FK free 00:03:08
  • Automations
    • Wiggle, swing and list free 00:09:30
    • Random free 00:09:06
  • Ferris Wheel
    • Rig 00:17:19
    • Swing and Random 00:15:27
    • Wiggle 00:07:15
  • Connector
    • Quick Connector free 00:06:17
    • Connect Properties free 00:13:06
    • Multiple Connections and axis 00:10:53
    • Multiple Connections on shapes 00:11:16
    • Connect Opacities free 00:08:39
  • Cart
    • Structures 00:16:08
    • Rig 00:09:43
    • Automation 00:09:43
    • Animation and Spring 00:08:36
  • Goyle
    • Rig 00:12:58
    • Connector - Arms 00:17:31
    • Connector - Legs and Neck 00:10:12
    • Eyes 00:18:11
    • Head turn 00:14:15
  • Cat
    • Structures 00:12:27
    • Autorig 00:05:45
    • Walk cycle 00:14:12
  • Other Tools
    • Bones free 00:13:44
    • Character rigging with the puppet tool free 00:11:07
    • Parent across compositions 00:09:09
  • Whome
    • Rig 00:16:27
    • Hair - Part 1 00:12:44
    • Hair - Part 2 00:19:20
    • Eyes 00:18:26
    • Mouth 00:11:35
    • Head turn - part 1 00:10:02
    • Head turn - part 2 00:12:22
  • Advanced arm and symetry
    • Rig both arms 00:12:18
    • Link the controllers together 00:07:31
    • Link opacities 00:07:29
    • Connector 00:16:20

Instructor : Nicolas Dufresne

Nicolas Dufresne has published 14 tutorials and obtained an average rating of 4,8/5 on 19 865 courses sold. See others courses from Nicolas Dufresne

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  • 4
    review by member-8585-6599 written on 07/10/2022
    Très bon tuto, répond à la plupart des questions que j'avais.

  • 5
    review by member-1465-788 written on 30/06/2021
    Realy very usfal tutorial for duke

  • 5
    review by tnguyen written on 20/02/2021
    Great course to learn Duik from the creator himself. This amazing tool is not only great for character rigging but helps to enhance my animation and motion graphics workflow.

  • Avec quelle version de logiciel ce tuto est-il compatible ?
    After Effects CC, After Effects CS6, After Effects CS5, After Effects 7, After Effects CS4, After Effects CS3, After Effects
  • Quel est le niveau requis pour suivre ce tuto ?
  • Are the tutorials only available for online watching?
    No, once you have bought them, you can watch them offline with the tuto.com application ;)
    It's even available for smartphones too!
  • Bonjour Nicolas,
    Même si je ne ferai jamais de l'animation, j'ai toujours eu un grande admiration pour ton projet mais je deviens de plus en plus lent et mon anglais de plus en plus mauvais. malheureusement, je ne suis pas comme le bon vin qui bonifie avec l'âge :0)
    Cette formation existe-elle en français car je ne la trouve pas?Idem pour le User Guide v16.1(imprimé) car le logiciel a beaucoup évolué (heureusement) depuis la version 15 .

    La dernière version téléchargée de Duik affiche une v16.0.11 et non 16.1. Erreur d'affichage ou mauvaise compréhension de ma part?

    Bonjour, et merci beaucoup pour ce gentil message !

    Malheureusement non, il n'y a pas de traductions en français prévue, ni du tuto ni du guide, ça représente beaucoup trop de travail, on n'y arriverait pas - pas avant que l'évolution ne rende le tout obsolète en tout cas ;)

    Le manuel est pour la version 16.1 parce que nous avons un peu anticipé la sortie de cette mise à jour qui se fera dans les semaines qui viennent ;) Une version de test est fournie avec les fichiers du tutoriel, qui lui aussi anticipe un peu tout ça.

    Bonne continuation !
  • I am trying to figure out if this tool will work for Lottie animations. Is there a way to quickly rig and animate characters composed of shape layers without dependencies on expressions? Or is there a way to bake the keyframes into the shape layers? I think if there is parenting to a layer driven by expressions or effects I don't think it will output correctly. Any help or examples would be appreciated.

    I know the developper of bodymovin/lottie did manage to export fully functionnal rigs made with Duik from after effects, so the export may work as they are.
    Anyway, you can always bake the expressions to keyframes and keep only parenting and keyframes, so the export will work no matter what.
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