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Tools for Digital Learning

Access a set of tools that let you easily create, publish, promote and sell your courses, track and pilot your activity.

Our tools :

Boost your audience did not have cold feet , works hard and gets even four ( sometimes more !) ... Well, never goes to the back of the spoon to spread your course to the greatest number ; faithful or future learners !

Reliable audience

1 284 686 users, 285 000 new monthly visitors, 9000 followers and 75 000 fans. Join a community you can count on !

Distribution network is distributed in retails like La Fnac, Amazon, Cdiscount, Miss Numérique.

Emailing and marketing

Newsletters, onboarding emails, Adwords and Facebook campaigns, SEO, partnership. We give your courses the visibility it deserves !


Our partners provide you an ever wider and qualified audience . Including: Adobe, Fotolia, Microsoft, Orange, Iamag...

Certification Program

Our Certification Program assures certified instructor more visibility (pictogram, search filter...) as well as greater rates of retribution. It's the least we can do for those who contribute daily to the adventure.

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Instructor retribution rates offers you to monetize your skills. Including to capitalize and increase your income very easily. It all depends on your goal and your investment. The retribution rate is scalable, between 50% and 90%. In short, the more you sell, the more you earn !

Regular Instructor
Regular rate
on sales, excl. tax
Instructor Affiliate Sales
excl. tax
Certified Instructor
Certification rate
on sales, excl. tax
Instructor Affiliate Sales
excl. tax
Note : when a student purchases your course from the External Affiliate / Partner Program, the retribution rate is 30% for the instructor.

Everywhere, anytime

Each of your course are available online or on downloads. Users can access your courses on desktop, smartphone, tablets.

Manage and share

Manage your business , edit your courses, share with your learners or simply chat with your community of clients, when and where you want.

Offer and demand

All courses are available without any restriction of time and place ; enough to meet the new habits and demands of the market !

Stay Free

You have the freedom to manage all of your business: the pace of publication, the choice of subject and your teaching approach. You are also free to set your price and your communication strategy. And if necessary, we can assist you in every step of preparation and publication of your courses.
Another important point: you remain the owner of your content. In other words, you have the opportunity to leave, at any time , whenever you request it ( but be aware that we would be very sad !).


Our team will do everything you need to help you prepare and record your courses more easily and efficiently.

Tips and guideline

Tips and guideline

Get our documentation : tips, case studies... All you need to perform with your courses on

download our PDF guide

Starter kit

A professional mic and a screencasting licence "on demand". A good way to test a publication on without spending a cent !

Free files for your courses

Enjoy our unique partnership with Adobe Fotolia and get free files for your courses ! These content files can be distribute with your courses to your customers !


And for all your questions that hasn't found answer yet, feel free to look at our FAQ.

Our values

Our team rocks : fast, always giving good cares to your courses, full of nice people. That is the way our moms raised us !