What is Inkscape used for ?

Inkscape is a graphics editing program that is available under an open source license.  It allows users to create drawings, logos, and diagrams.  Its features are similar to those of Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape is available on a variety of different platforms, including: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. 

Inkscape, a short history of the software

Inkscape was born in 2003, following a split among the development teams working on the Sodipodi project.  A group that disagreed with the path Sodipodi was following therefore decided to launch Inkscape.  Originally programmed in the C language, it then moved to C++ instead. Over time, changes were made to the user interface to make it simpler and more accessible.  The user experience has always been at the heart of the developers’ work.  When the source code of Xara Xtreme drawing software was made freely available, the two teams were able to work together in order to enhance Inkscape’s functionality, making it very close to the best proprietary software tools.

Inkscape Features

Inkscape allows users to create and extensively manipulate a drawing object. You can do freehand drawings, design calligraphic lines and Bézier curves.  You can also work on different views, outlines, and filled shapes, as well as making adjustments to existing lines.  Finally, you can work on text including changes to kerning, line spacing and font size. Inkscape features an XML editor and it can export to a number of different formats including EMF, WMF, PNG, DXF and PDF.

Inkscape tutorials and training

Our free Inkscape tutorials allow users of all skill levels to improve their knowledge of the software.  You can learn the basics and pick up shortcuts, while some Inkscape training courses will give you step by step instructions, with examples to work on, for creating and editing logos. Our Inkscape trainers are both thorough and skilled teachers, covering all the problems that illustrators regularly encounter.
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