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VIDEO TUTORIAL Learn Microsoft Powerpoint 2013

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This comprehensive Powerpoint 2013 video tutorial, couldn’t be easier to use. On-screen video demonstrations take you step-by-step through all the key areas, each with clear and concise instructions. Simply pick the topic you want to study and sit back and watch as an expert shows you exactly how it’s done. Then actually ‘do it’ in your own copy of PowerPoint 2013.

Learn the fundamentals of PowerPoint 2013 with this tutorial in no time !

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or need to refresh your computer skills, this course will have you up and running with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 in no time at all.

What will you learn in this course?

Course plan
Chapter 1
First steps
Chapter 2
Your First Presentation
Chapter 3
Good habits
Chapter 4
Adding objects to slides
Chapter 5
Annotating and formatting slides
Chapter 6
Delivering presentations
Chapter 7
Advanced techniques

Detailed course plan

Chapter 1 : First steps
Lesson 1What can you do with PowerPoint ?
Lesson 2Terminology
Lesson 3Starting PowerPoint
Lesson 4The PowerPoint window
Lesson 5First use of the Ribbon
Lesson 6Backstage View
Lesson 7Setting up a default folder
Lesson 8Copying, cutting, pasting
Lesson 9Understanding Views
Chapter 2 : Your First Presentation
Lesson 1Creating a new presentation
Lesson 2Altering the design of a Template
Lesson 3Creating a photo album
Lesson 4Opening an existing presentation
Lesson 5Saving a presentation
Lesson 6Inserting a new slide
Chapter 3 : Good habits
Lesson 1The Quick Access Toolbar
Lesson 2Working with previous versions of PowerPoint
Lesson 3Ribbon shortcuts
Lesson 4Automatic save
Lesson 5Using tags when saving a presentation
Lesson 6Accessing your presentations
Chapter 4 : Adding objects to slides
Lesson 1Before starting
Lesson 2Working with text
Lesson 3Adding pictures from your hard drive
Lesson 4Artistic effects
Lesson 5Removing a picture background
Lesson 6Compressing pictures
Lesson 7Adding WordArt Objects
Lesson 8The Screen Capture tool
Lesson 9Recording a voice comment or narration
Lesson 10Inserting audio clip art files
Lesson 11Adding a local video
Lesson 12Adding a video from an online site
Lesson 13Applying special effects to a video
Lesson 14Adding charts
Lesson 15Importing an Excel chart
Lesson 16Automatic shapes
Lesson 17Modifying shape settings
Lesson 18Adding organization charts
Lesson 19Adding tables
Lesson 20Embedding tables
Lesson 21Using existing tables
Lesson 22Importing Word text
Lesson 23Adding clip art
Lesson 24Matching colors
Chapter 5 : Annotating and formatting slides
Lesson 1Adding notes
Lesson 2Adding comments
Lesson 3Headers and footers
Lesson 4Changing the slide background
Lesson 5Adding a background picture
Lesson 6Changing the font
Lesson 7Aligning objects
Lesson 8Merging common shapes
Lesson 9Grouping objects
Lesson 10Layering objects
Lesson 11Printing
Chapter 6 : Delivering presentations
Lesson 1Delivering a presentation
Lesson 2Using two monitors
Lesson 3Using action buttons
Lesson 4Web presentations
Lesson 5Printing handouts
Lesson 6Embedding fonts in a presentation
Lesson 7Packaging a presentation
Lesson 8Custom Shows
Lesson 9Saving a presentation as a slide show
Lesson 10Continuous presentation
Lesson 11Setting up the timings for a slide show
Chapter 7 : Advanced techniques
Lesson 1Using transitions
Lesson 2Animating text and objects
Lesson 3Motion path animation
Lesson 4Add effects to text
Lesson 5Changing the size of a picture
Lesson 6Adding hyperlinks
Lesson 7Adding Internet hyperlinks
Lesson 8Correcting automatically while typing
Lesson 9Using the Style Sorter
Lesson 10Hiding Slides
Lesson 11Customize the Ribbon
Lesson 12Protected mode
Lesson 13Apps for Office
Chapter 8 : PowerPoint and Workgroups
Lesson 1Sending a presentation as an e-mail attachment
Lesson 2Convert your presentation to PDF or XPS files
Lesson 3E-mailing a presentation as a PDF or XPS files
Lesson 4Sharing a presentation via SkyDrive
Lesson 5Presentation encryption

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PowerPoint 2013

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