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What is Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro, more commonly known as Premiere, is real time virtual video editing software by Adobe Systems.

History of Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro, published for the first time in 2003, is the "revised and corrected" version of Premiere, which was published between 1991 and 2002.
Premiere was one of the first NLE's (non-linear editing system) on computers from the first Windows edition (1.0) in 1993; the first two versions - 1.0 in 1991 and 2.0 in 1992 - were dedicated to Mac only. Each year has seen Premiere and then Premiere Pro develop with, on average, a new edition each year for both Mac and Windows operating systems. The current version is Premiere Pro CC, a version that is an integral part of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Premiere for video editing

Premiere Pro is an NLE type real-time video editing software , that is to say, it provides direct access to any image and any sound in a video sequence; this type of editing is called "non-destructive". Premiere has been used for editing at the BBC and "The Tonight Show", for the video capture of "Superman Returns" and Madonna's Confessions Tour.

Premiere Pro supports high resolutions for editing, up to 32 bits per color channel, whether RGB or YUV. Coupled with Cineform plug-ins, it even allows editing of 3D content. Premiere has been completely integrated into Creative Suite, and now Creative Cloud, since its creation; it can be used in conjunction with After Effects - import and export are easily achievable, allowing optimal interaction and complementarity in their use (via the Dynamic Link) Photoshop - Photoshop files can be opened directly from Premiere Pro, Story and OnLocation which improves workflow, Soundbooth, Encore or Bridge. You can enrich your Premiere experience by calibrating with other Creative Cloud software like SpeedGrade!

A simplified version, aimed at a market of amateur enthusiasts, has been created: Premiere Elements.

Premiere Tutorial and Training

Here is a selection of Premiere tutorials which can help you to train yourself to use video editing. For example, you will learn how to import your planes, then place them on the timeline. You will learn how to create transitions, title, and add visual effects to your planes. You will learn to mix audio tracks and export them to audio editing software such as Soundbooth. Similarly, you will learn to calibrate your videos in Premiere but also in SpeedGrade. Finally these Premiere tutorials will teach you how to export your videos and send them to, for example, After Effects or to Encore to create a DVD.
We also offer complete Premiere training courses, which will enable you to learn all about the software. Both basic and advanced techniques are discussed. A demonstration version of Premiere can be downloaded free.

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