Sketch 3 Video Tutorial: Learn to create mobile and web designs
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VIDEO TUTORIAL Sketch 3 Video Tutorial: Learn to create mobile and web designs

Adria Jimenez
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Learn how to use Sketch 3 to create designs for mobile and websites easy and fast. This is the most up-to-date and complete Sketch video course you'll find!

This video course teaches you step by step how to get all the power of sketch and the power of the latest additions to design greats applications and websites. You will be designing in less than an hour thanks to the tips I am giving in the lessons and all of the resources and symbols you will get included in the course price.

In this Sketch 3 video tutorial :

  • Learn to use Sketch from zero to advanced level
  • Mastering Sketch with advanced techniques and tips
  • Complete design challenges with step by step solutions
  • Hundreds of resources to speed up your design process
  • Learn about latest iOS 9 trends and how to easily apply them with Sketch
  • Complete extra course about vectors
  • Complete process for exporting your Sketch designs to HTML + CSS
  • Learn to design pixel perfect
  • Step by step examples of real designs
  • Showcase of exporting, importing and using your assets to Xcode, Framer, Origami and Marvel
  • Course updates with new material and lessons added regularly
  • So much more, check the lectures to see everything that is included!

Forget about Photoshop as it is not a tool for designing interfaces, Sketch is the new tool that let you create quickly and easily designs for your mobile devices and web, Android iPhone or Windows Phone.

Learn how to work quickly with the app following my method and be ready to create designs fast and in a very easy way.

Join the new era of designers, change to Sketch and start designing and prototyping fast.

The course includes all you need to know to start designing. Even if you are a novice or an expert, you will be able to do this course as you'll have lessons with the basics of vectors and the more advanced techniques and tips.

This course is targeted for designers, UX, freelancers, developers or all kind of people that will like to design in an easy and up to date way.

Don't lose more time with Photoshop or fireworks and learn now to use Sketch 3 for better work results.

What will you learn in this course?

Course plan
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Improve your workflow
Chapter 3
Mastering Sketch
Chapter 4
Improving your design skills and speed
Chapter 5
Design creation
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
From Sketch to other Apps

Detailed course plan

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Lesson 1Welcome
Lesson 2Download Sketch 3
Lesson 3Pages and Artboards
Lesson 4New Sketch 3 file format
Lesson 5Using the fill utility
Chapter 2 : Improve your workflow
Lesson 1Improved and easier to use UI
Lesson 2Reuse everything! Symbols
Lesson 3Working with text is now much easier
Lesson 4Work once and export for everything
Lesson 5Latest iOS trends
Lesson 6Easy iphone design
Lesson 7Working pixel perfect
Lesson 8Share your designs with teammates/clients without them needing Sketch
Chapter 3 : Mastering Sketch
Lesson 1Sketch Plugins
Lesson 2Distances between objects
Lesson 3Duplicate fast and effective
Lesson 4Preview your designs in any phone for free
Lesson 5Preview the designs on your iPhone
Lesson 6Improving Sketch performance
Lesson 7Setting default style
Lesson 8Master the corner radius
Lesson 9Define your color palette
Lesson 10Master your font rendering
Lesson 11The Rotation Tool
Lesson 12Prepare your current designs for the iPhone 6 Plus
Lesson 13Sketch trick: Huge reduction of sketch file size
Lesson 14Export your assets to Android
Lesson 15Whole perspective of your work in progress
Lesson 16Sketch 3 Smart Select, how to improve your selection speed
Lesson 17Documenting your designs
Lesson 18Share your designs with your teammates with Sketch native feature
Chapter 4 : Improving your design skills and speed
Lesson 1How to create fast wireframes using Sketch
Lesson 2Learn to install fonts in batch
Lesson 3Create styled texts in a very easy and fast way
Lesson 4Handling your designs to the developers
Lesson 5Learn how to easily switch styles
Lesson 6Sketch and autolayout
Lesson 7Adding custom shortcuts to Sketch
Lesson 8What's new in Sketch 3.3
Lesson 9What's new in Sketch 3.4
Lesson 10Customizing layer handling
Chapter 5 : Design creation
Lesson 1Create a call to action button to improve your app sales
Lesson 2Creating an app navigation
Lesson 3App creation, the initial splash screen
Lesson 4Creating a landing page part 1
Lesson 5Creating a landing page part 2
Lesson 6Learn how to create charts that sell - Bar chart
Lesson 7Learn how to create charts that sell - Doughnut chart
Lesson 8Creating App Store screenshots
Lesson 9How to create an app icon in Sketch
Lesson 10Exporting Mac application icons
Lesson 11Creating Apple Watch circle designs
Lesson 12Designing a Youtube Video Cover
Chapter 6 : Challenges
Lesson 1Designing new Dropbox Android app with material design
Lesson 2Creating the material design components
Lesson 3User profile with stats and pictures
Lesson 4Creating the Dropbox content reusing components
Lesson 5User profile with stats and pictures Solution
Lesson 6Create an app icon + Splash screen
Lesson 7Create an app icon + Splash screen Solution
Chapter 7 : From Sketch to other Apps
Lesson 1Exporting your Sketch designs to Origami 2.0
Lesson 2Export your sketch designs to Framer to start prototyping
Lesson 3Learn how to move your designs from Sketch to Xcode
Lesson 4Export your designs to Marvel to prototype your apps
Chapter 8 : From Sketch to Web HTML + CSS
Lesson 1Learn how to code your designs - Product testimonios
Lesson 2Product sales landing page - Part 2
Lesson 3From design to code, product description
Lesson 4Learn how to code a product sales landing page
Chapter 9 : Course conclusion
Lesson 1Course conclusion


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