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Concept Art with Unreal Engine 4

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With this online video course, you have access to 3 environments I created; you just have to place 3D elements in one of the environments of your choice, then perform two or three manipulations, to obtain the effect you wish!  You don't need to know how to draw or model, nor even know Unreal Engine 4, I'll teach you everything quickly and easily.

Why should you use Unreal Engine 4 for concept art?

Because you can set up everything in real time, and particularly because, once you have done your scene, you can take screenshots of several different views, thus saving time. Therefore, you have access to these 3 types of rendering, but you can mix the effects to create your own.

What you'll learn in the Concept Art using Unreal Engine video course ?

  • Installing Unreal Engine 4 from scratch.
  • I will teach you how to use the Unreal Engine 4 interface.
  • I teach you how to model with Unreal Engine 4; with simple shapes you will be able to make complex objects.
  • I teach you the important elements to know about lights on Unreal Engine 4, so that you are able to create quality images
  • to create images with a drawing rendering (environment or "props")
  • with a paint rendering (environment or "props")
  • with a felt rendering (environment or "props")
  • I teach you the important elements to enhance the quality of your images with the cameras                                                                         
  • This last video is for users who are familiar with Unreal Engine 4, I quickly explain how I achieved each effect.

Are there any requirements or prerequisites for this course?

No prerequisites, I just teach you the elements, from installing UE4 to creating the images!
You just need Unreal Engine 4 (free software)
You don’t need a top notch computer (a 3-4 year old computer is enough)

Who is this course for?

  • 2d and 3d artist
  • Artists who want to create quality images quickly, without using too many programs

Unreal Engine training table of contents (duration : 1h15m)

  • Install UE4
    • Install UE4 00:01:30
  • Ue4
    • UE4 Preview free 00:01:38
    • UE4 00:08:23
  • Model 3D
    • Model Preview free 00:01:04
    • Model 00:15:33
  • Render Skecth
    • Render Skecth Preview free 00:00:58
    • Render Sketch 00:15:53
  • Render Felt
    • Render Felt Preview 00:00:29
    • Render Felt 00:08:29
  • Render Paint
    • Render Paint Preview free 00:00:40
    • Render Paint 00:08:24
  • Camera
    • Camera Setting 00:01:37
  • Lights
    • Light Setting Preview free 00:00:45
    • Light Setting 00:03:59
  • Shaders
    • Shaders Preview free 00:01:16
    • Shaders 00:04:28

Instructor : Manuel Ruiz dupont

Manuel Ruiz dupont has published 2 tutorials and has sold 6 coursess. See others courses from Manuel Ruiz dupont

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