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Video Tutorial Windows Movie Maker Complete Guide with Windows

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Complete guide on Windows Movie Maker.

In this video course you will learn beginning from interface, adding video / photo/ music , adding titles, captions, credits, transitions, Pan and zoom...

Many more topics will be covered in this Movie Maker video tutorial series.
Please check the curriculum for full detail.
Enroll the course and start learning today, enhance your movie maker skills.

Windows training table of contents (duration : 32m16s)

    • 1 Introduction 00:01:22
    • 2 Movie Maker Interface, Add Photo /Audio, Transition , Pan and Zoom, Duration 00:10:55
    • 3 Titles, Captions and Credits 00:05:39
    • 4 Rotate Image, Fit to Music, Visual Effects, Aspect Ratio 00:02:24
    • 5 Zoom in, Zoom Out, Reset, Thumbnail Size, Waveform 00:01:42
    • 6 Add Video, Trim, Split 00:01:10
    • 7 Control Speed of a video, Add Music, Video Volume, Music Volume, Audio Mix 00:03:59
    • 8 Split Audio, Fade in & Fade out, Change placement of Audio 00:01:30
    • 9 Record Audio, Record Webcam Video, Snapshot from video 00:01:36
    • 10 Save Audio from a video, Save project, Save Movie 00:01:59

Instructor : Hemendar singh Rajpurohit

Hemendar singh Rajpurohit published 1 tutorial and 8 tutorials downloaded. See others courses from Hemendar singh Rajpurohit

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