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Video Tutorial WordPress Beginners From Zero To Beautiful $500 Websites In 3 Hours tutorial with WordPress

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WordPress From Zero To Beautiful Websites - For Those With No Money, No Time, No Patience.

WordPress for beginners: Finally a simple way to create beautiful $500+ WordPress Websites in a step-by-step way for those with no time, no money and no patience. Ideal for local business owners, consultants and coaches, authors, and those who simply want to earn an income online.

In this video course you will discover 10 Easy Ways to Make Money with your new, easily and quickly learnt WordPress skills.

Unlike other beginner WordPress courses, we cover topics that are key to creating professional-looking websites for others as a service business and charge $500 or more. Would you like to see how people just like you earn $37,000 for simple WordPress skills?

WordPress training table of contents (duration : 2h34m)

  • Introduction To Course
    • Proof of $37,000 Wordpress Earnings From Simple Wordpress Gigs 00:03:39
    • Introduction free 00:02:16
    • About Me 00:02:51
  • Getting To Know Wordpress
    • Log In To Your New Wordpress Site 00:01:32
    • Install Customizer Theme 00:02:35
    • Responsive Themes 00:02:44
    • Set Home Page Permalinks 00:02:02
    • Delete Sample Page Messages and Install Right Side Bar 00:03:51
    • Add Pages To Your Website free 00:03:02
    • Install New Wordpress Version 00:02:13
  • Adding Website Menu, Logo, Contact us Forms.
    • Adding A 7 page Menu 00:04:12
    • Adding Content To Your Home Page 00:02:02
    • Adding More Content and Photos to Your Site 00:04:18
    • Add A Contact Us Form To Your Site 00:02:12
    • Adding Photos From Google Images free 00:04:27
  • Earn Money As An Affiliate
    • What To Sell As An Affiliate and How Much You Can Earn 00:03:17
  • Customize Appearance, Text Editor, Add Post Add Content And Photos
    • Customize Appearance of Your Website Part 2 free 00:03:05
    • Customize Appearance of Your Website Part 1 00:05:37
    • Customize Appearance of Your Website Part 3 00:06:02
    • Customize Appearance of Your Website Part 4 00:03:26
    • Adding Post To Your Website Part 1 00:06:43
    • Adding Post To Your Website Part 2 00:06:09
    • Adding More Content and Photos To Your Website 00:04:18
  • Plug Ins, Social Sharing, Security
    • Social Sharing To Get More Visitors 00:01:27
    • Plug Ins Part 1 00:02:40
    • Plug Ins Part 2 00:03:36
  • Gmail, Google Site Map, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools
    • Add Sitemap To Get Google Robot To Visit 00:01:41
    • Set Up Gmail Account To Be Able To Add Analytics And Webmaster Tool 00:02:44
    • Google Analytics Set Up New Account Part 1 00:03:10
    • Google Analytics Set Up New Account Part 2 00:03:34
  • Spam, Back Up Your Site And Widgets
    • Stop People Spamming Your Site 00:01:13
    • Back Up Your Wordpress Website 00:01:14
    • Clean Up Your site 00:02:16
    • What Are Widgets? 00:04:34
    • Add Video White Board Animation To Your Website 00:03:39
  • How To's Free Email Marketing
    • MailChimp Email Service To Collect Email Addresses free 00:03:36
    • Mail Chimp Email List Part 2 00:06:00
    • Pop Up Email Capture Form 00:02:41
  • Search Engine Optimization To Get Visitors To Your Site
    • Introduction To Keyword Research free 00:27:47

Instructor : Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh has published 2 tutorials and has sold 3 coursess. See others courses from Nick Walsh

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