Mastering Light - Shooting Ghost Trails
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VIDEO TUTORIAL Mastering Light - Shooting Ghost Trails

Bernard Bertrand
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In this video tutorial, I will share with you my “open flash” technic.
I've been doing that kind of images for years, and have been commissioned by clients for those specific kind of images in the past. 

I believe that mastering that technic will also give you a better understanding on measuring light, determinate exposure such as mixing two light sources together.
In this case, an ambient light together with a flash light. 

In this Mastering Light Photography tutorial

You will see the entire shooting, as well as through an hour backstage video, I will also comment those backstage videos. 
I’ll share with you the entire process, you’ll see me missing the right shoot and also getting it right. 

As this technic also requires some practice, and as you probably will have to cope with some difficulties, I guess it will be helpful.

After all this shooting and technical part of the tutorial, and as usual, we will step into the post production process.
Using both Lightroom and Photoshop, after a selection of images, I will show you the way I merge those shot together in order to create some strong final visuals.
I will also show you some more advanced color grading technics that push the visual further, a question of taste... 
I hope you'll like it and take advantage of it with your own practice.

What will you learn in this course?

Course plan
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Concept Introduction : The Fencers
Lesson 3
Flash Curtains
Lesson 4
The SetUp
Lesson 5
Studio 01
Lesson 6
Studio 02
Lesson 7
Studio 03

Detailed course plan

Lesson 1Teaser
Lesson 2Concept Introduction : The Fencers
Lesson 3Flash Curtains
Lesson 4The SetUp
Lesson 5Studio 01
Lesson 6Studio 02
Lesson 7Studio 03
Lesson 8Studio 04
Lesson 9Studio 05
Lesson 10Post Production part 1
Lesson 11Post Production part 2
Lesson 12Post Production part 3
Lesson 13Thank You Note


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