Video Tutorial After Effects and Duik: setup your first characters! with After Effects


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After Effects and Duik: setup your first characters!

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Note: Warning, this course makes use of the previous version of Duik, the 15th, but the latest one is Duik Bassel, the 16th! The official course about Duik Bassel is available here! Some tools used here have completely changed and can even be obsoletes, even if the process can be applied to all versions and even to any rigging software. Animation

This is the English translation of the first official rigging tutorials with After Effects, using Duik 15.
Many thanks to Pascal Miller for translating and dubbing all these tutorials. The French version is available here.

The rigging is the process of adding controllers and automations to a character to make it easier to animate, to be able to manipulate it the way an puppeteer manipulates its pupppet. It's a way of working common with 3D softwares, used to animate characters in After effects, thanks to the script Duik, which I'm developping.
These tutorials are meant for people already knowing After Effects and willing to learn cut-out character animation, which is what Duik was developped for.

All essential rigging techniques are shown here. But you have to be aware that rigging and animating characters is a complex process, and you will need a lot of time and experience to achieve a good level.
These tutorials aim to teach you solid bases to quickly animate your first characters.
You should learn to setup characters only if you're confident with After Effects!

  • Parent links
  • Effects
  • Precompositions
  • Keyframes and interpolations
  • Puppet tool

These five tools should have no secret for you - but we will see together how to use them concretely for rigging characters.
It will be useful if you already know how to create expressions too - even if you don't master them yet - I'll show you some examples of how to apply useful expressions.
I'll be using several tools of After Effects (parents, precompositions, expressions...) and of Duik (controllers, IK, autorig, automations...), as long as the puppet tool in the end.

About 2 hours of these tutorials are free, they are the videos explaining the tools of Duik, showing what is written in the user guide - which you can download freely too, or you can buy the beautiful printed version.

Exclusive: with these tutorials, you're going to work with the characters from Mythomen (design by Judas), a feature film which is now in pre-production, directed by Sébastien "Yenaphe" Périer.
And you're going to use some of the new features of the upcoming Duik 16 too, which will be released in 2017!

After Effects training table of contents (duration : 5h18m)

  • The Basics - Controllers, IK Goal, IK
    • Installation and first look (Mac) free 00:08:08
    • Installation and first look (Windows) free 00:08:48
    • Controllers free 00:11:35
    • A Ferris wheel rig with the IK Goal tool free 00:11:13
    • Animate the ferris wheel without any keyframe! - Automation 00:10:17
    • The IK free 00:17:49
    • First character - Importing and parenting 00:11:40
    • First character - Setup 00:20:36
    • First character - False fix 00:12:35
    • Zero! free 00:13:54
    • First character - Eyes 00:21:13
  • Lorenz, Advanced tools, Bezier IK, Puppet tool and bones
    • Rename tool free 00:07:49
    • Replace text in names and expressions free 00:02:18
    • Lorenz - First look free 00:03:54
    • Bones and puppet tool free 00:12:20
    • Lorenz - Legs 00:06:47
    • Lorenz - Cloth 00:03:36
    • Bezier IK free 00:15:27
    • Lorenz - Back 00:06:53
    • Lorenz - Arms 00:04:39
    • Lorenz - Neck and head 00:07:37
    • Lorenz - Finishes 00:09:36
    • Other tools - Measure and lock properties free 00:03:03
  • Face and connections
    • Duik 16! Connector 00:12:24
    • Face - Part 1 00:25:11
    • Face - Part 2 00:13:45
  • Autorig
    • Autorig free 00:15:44
    • Duik 16! Bones 00:19:31

Instructor : Nicolas Dufresne

Nicolas Dufresne has published 14 tutorials and obtained an average rating of 4,8/5 on 19 998 courses sold. See others courses from Nicolas Dufresne

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  • 5
    review by member-2316 written on 03/04/2018

  • 5
    review by anav written on 24/03/2018
    Highly recommended. Although my knowledge of English is not very good I understood the whole process perfectly. Congratulations, Duduf, for making this script possible.Now I just need to start up my ideas. You have all my support! ;-)

  • 5
    review by membre-6841-3848 written on 13/02/2018
    DUIK About character animation is really a very useful tool, I have been using for a year. This is a wonderful teaching About DUIK, it is worth to see more than two times, in fact the details I have seen three times, fully understood will be used, for my work to help very much, look forward to and follow Nicolas teacher next teaching.

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  • Does this work with CC 2015?
    Yes, it works with all versions of After Effects since CS4
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