Video Tutorial Digital Painting: Create an Awesome Adventure Character! with Photoshop


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Digital Painting: Create an Awesome Adventure Character!

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Hi there, my name is Robson Vieira, I’m a Digital illustrator and Graphic Artist working in Melbourne, Australia.

In this video course you will learn how to create an awesome Cartoon Adventure Character using Photoshop. From Sketch to Final concept I will be sharing my best tips and techniques I’ve developed along the way.

Digital Painting video course : Create an Awesome Adventure Character!

You will learn how to:

  • Use a mood board to give you inspiration
  • Sketch the character and make it unique to your style.
  • Block colours, apply shadows and highlights and refine your outlines
  • Add details that will bring your character to a higher level.

Since I will be demonstrating how to build the character from sketch this course is aimed at beginners and intermediate level students. The workflow demonstrated here can be applied to other painting software.

I you are ready to use your creativity, let’s get started!

Photoshop training table of contents (duration : 2h21m)

  • INTRO - Digital Painting: Create an Awesome Adventure Character!
    • Intro - Digital Painting Adventure Character free 00:01:13
  • Equipment
    • Equipment 00:00:51
  • Mood Board
    • Mood Board 00:02:47
  • Canvas Settings
    • Canvas settings 00:03:30
  • Sketching the Character
    • Sketching the Character 00:12:28
  • Project
    • Project and Practice 00:00:31
  • Sketching the Clothes
    • Sketching the Clothes 00:09:15
  • Sketching the Head
    • Sketching the Head 00:09:42
  • Layering
    • Layering 00:03:13
  • Actions
    • Actions 00:07:04
  • Cleaning Outlines
    • Cleaning Outlines 00:13:27
  • Outlines Details
    • Outlines Details 00:07:27
  • Blocking Colours
    • Blocking Colours 00:16:23
  • Light and Shadow
    • Light and Shadow 00:18:02
  • Coloured Ink
    • Coloured Ink 00:15:08
  • Final Highlights
    • Final Highlights 00:19:30
  • Conclusion
    • Conclusion 00:01:00

Instructor : Robson Vieira

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