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What is Premiere Pro CC ?

Premiere Pro CC (for Creative Cloud) is a video production toolset published by the US firm Adobe. An overview of the product's background and how to learn to master its techniques.

History of Premiere

Adobe Premiere Version 1.0 appeared on the market for Mac users in December 1991 and was followed two years later by a Windows version. Annual updates were provided during the 1990's, but its popularity soared in 2003, with the introduction of its professional version, Premiere Pro. Ten years later, in 2013, they marketed a new version of the software, Adobe Premiere Pro CC,  a program geared towards the latest technological innovations. The software has been continually successful and regular upgrades provided.

Premiere CC features

This editing software can handle a large number of video formats, whilst providing a storyboard system. Compared to previous versions, Premiere Pro CC has a user-friendly interface and is simple to learn, which makes managing the different processes easier. The 2015 version is adapted to desktops, smartphones and tablets, all of which can access its creative resources. Color management has been enhanced, the integration of After Effects improved and editing is now possible for virtually any type of media.

Premiere CC tutorials and training

Any novice editor or storyboard artist will easily find a Premiere tutorial online and be able to familiarize themselves with the software. Videos cover all topics, including the latest releases, differences in video formats and troubleshooting technical problems -  accelerating or slowing effects, masking and tracking as well as ways to calibrate your video etc. Premiere training videos are also available, which makes learning quicker. There are also Premiere trainers who can guide you through all the necessary steps when learning how to use the software.

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