Video Tutorial Learning React.js Scalable and High-Performance Apps with React


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Learning React.js Scalable and High-Performance Apps

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Optimize and enhance your web sites and applications with React

About this Learning React.js Scalable and High-Performance Apps  Video course

  • Build up production-ready, high-performing React applications with ease
  • Isolate and understand performance bottlenecks and how to address them in React applications
  • Learn a variety of modern web technologies, such as React, ES6, Webpack, Babel, ExpressJS, JSX, and more

React course In Detail

It's one thing to build an app that runs well on your test system, but it's quite another to build an app that still performs well when it's live with thousands of users.

This video training will help you take your apps to the next professional level, while making sure they remain performant at scale. There are many aspects to optimizing your React applications, some that you can apply later, and others that need to be designed in from the beginning. This video course will give you tips and advice for both.

Covering JavaScript, CSS, and React-specific tips and advanced techniques, this course will make sure that you can build highly optimized, production-ready applications.

The course begins by looking at important considerations you should build in to the planning stage of your apps: making sure options are set correctly, getting the most from Webpack, and optimizing your application's dependencies. We then go on to look in detail at some of the new performance enhancements that ES6 brings, such as using let and const instead of vars and advanced memory management for strings. Next, we cover more general JavaScript performance optimizations, and using ExpressJS for fast server-side rendering. Finally, we examine how best to package up all of the individual parts of your application to achieve the smallest file sizes and smoothest caching.

React training table of contents (duration : 3h41m)

  • Thinking about Performance
    • Setting Up Dependencies in the Right Way 00:10:21
    • Setting Up Babel 6 in the High Performing Way 00:12:37
    • Enhancing Performance with ES6 const 00:11:38
  • ES6 Performance Enhancements in React
    • Enhancing Performance with let and const in ES6 00:12:45
    • Create a const Only When You Need It 00:09:21
    • Variables Perform Better Together 00:11:54
    • ES6 String Performance Tips 00:04:40
    • Localizing lets and consts 00:05:10
    • Avoiding Conditions When Possible 00:09:27
    • Overall Benefit of Working with React on Performance of the Client 00:07:46
  • General JavaScript Performance Enhancements
    • Why ES6 Isn't Always Faster 00:09:35
    • Improving Arrays 00:05:54
    • Reusing Instead of Creating 00:03:47
    • Make Them Immutable 00:11:24
    • Events as Main Cause of Memory Leaks 00:06:34
  • Server Rendering React (Isomorphic JavaScript)
    • Building an Express Server 00:08:24
    • Setting up EJS as Our Layout System 00:06:41
    • Adding ES6/JSX Support on the Server 00:07:24
    • Server-Side Rendering 00:08:08
    • Node Module Exports 00:05:10
    • Universal JavaScript Patching 00:07:16
  • Packing Things Up with Webpack
    • Setting up Hot Refresh Middleware 00:07:55
    • Getting Webpack Middleware to Run with Our Real 00:08:10
    • Fixing Our Priorities 00:05:48
    • Optimizing CSS with CSS-Nano 00:07:42
    • Getting Webpack JavaScript to be Production Ready 00:09:18
    • Caching and Compressing 00:06:12

Instructor : Packt

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