Rapid Responsive Prototyping with Foundation 5
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VIDEO TUTORIAL Rapid Responsive Prototyping with Foundation 5

Sandy Ludosky
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This Foundation 5 video tutorial will make you faster to learn and to code.

This workshop is a fast-track to getting up to speed with rapid responsive prototyping with the most advanced responsive Framework.
Topics include:

  • A complete guide to the responsive grid
  • A tour of the numerous CSS components & Key UI elements
  • Dynamic features Integration with orbit slider, reveal modal, Accordion, Lightbox..
  • Mobile user experience optimization
  • A 1-hour walkthrough : from prototype to beautiful design
  • Quizzes, Interactive Exercices

Hand-on and project-based, the course will help you :

  • Learn the fundamentals of using Foundation
  • Start building responsive web pages
  • Sharpen your design skills

So, let's get started with Foundation 5!
This video tutorial is the fastest way to get you up and running with Rapid Prototyping, Mobile First & Easy Customization

What will you learn in this course?

Course plan
Chapter 1
Getting Started with Foundation 5
Chapter 2
Responsive Grid | The Complete Guide
Chapter 3
Responsive Design Project
Chapter 4
Mobile Device Optimization
Chapter 5
Alternate Design Work

Detailed course plan

Chapter 1 : Getting Started with Foundation 5
Lesson 1Welcome!
Lesson 2Foundation Files & Project resources
Lesson 3Introduction Responsive Grid
Chapter 2 : Responsive Grid | The Complete Guide
Lesson 1Basic Grid
Lesson 2Small & Medium Grids
Lesson 3Advanced Grid (Nesting)
Lesson 4Offset Columns
Lesson 5Centered Columns
Lesson 6Source Ordering
Lesson 7Block Grid
Chapter 3 : Responsive Design Project
Lesson 1Responsive Image Slider (Orbit.js)
Lesson 2About Us (Panel)
Lesson 3Content Slider & Equalizer.js
Lesson 4Video Pop Up (Modal.js)
Lesson 5Accordion.js
Lesson 6Portfolio Gallery (clearing.js)
Lesson 7Interactive and Responsive Contact Form (Alert.js)
Lesson 8Social Media (Foundation Icons)
Chapter 4 : Mobile Device Optimization
Lesson 1Interchange Responsive Content
Lesson 2Adaptive Content | Media Queries
Lesson 3Responsive Navbar
Chapter 5 : Alternate Design Work
Lesson 1Tabs Customization
Lesson 2Team Section Tabs
Lesson 3Tooltip.js
Lesson 4Vertical Tabs
Lesson 5Tabs & Media Queries

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