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Video Tutorial Javascript Build a Calculator using HTML, CSS and Javascript with JavaScript

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Learn how to Build a Simple Calculator using HTML, CSS and Javascript
In this Course you will learn how to build a simple calculator using HTML, CSS and Javascript,

This course is divided in to four parts,

  • In the first part you will learn how to download and install Notepad++,
  • In the 2nd part you will learn to build the Basic functionality of calculator
  • In the 3rd Part you will learn to fix some problems in Calculator Project
  • and finally in Last Part you will focus on Design Part (CSS)

Pre- Requirements: Basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

JavaScript training table of contents (duration : 38m31s)

    • 0 Intro 00:01:14
    • 1 Downloading and installing notepad++ 00:01:43
    • 2 Basic calculator Functionality 00:14:47
    • 3 Fixing Some Problems in Calculator Project 00:16:16
    • 4 Calculator Design (CSS) 00:04:31

Instructor : Hemendar singh Rajpurohit

Hemendar singh Rajpurohit published 1 tutorial and 8 tutorials downloaded. See others courses from Hemendar singh Rajpurohit

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